Monday, June 29, 2015

cousin camp 2015

last week we held our annual cousin camp up at our parents' cabin. we look forward to it all year, and it never disappoints. we had fun, simple activities for the kids mixed in with plenty of downtime for playing. and running wild. and believe me, run wild they did. there were moments of pure chaos. :) at one point i looked at my sister and said, "i don't remember cousin camp last year being this crazy." that was the first night and luckily the children calmed down after a rather rowdy fhe.

it's as much fun for the moms as it is the kids. at one point, my two older sisters and i were lying on three single beds in the boys loft and decided that we should rename it the mom loft, and maybe have a gate installed to keep the children out. haha we would never. or would we?? 

so much bonding time and outside time and kitchen time and chatting time and game time and creek time and grandparent time and deck time and meal time and sister time.

such a good memory-making week.

ps you know more posts about cousin camp are coming. :)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

documenting like a fool.

a few weeks back i was asked to talk at a relief society activity about documenting life. and what sort of document-er would i be if i didn't post about it?!? you know i'm very passionate about record keeping. one of my favorite parts of documenting life is that those photos i take and posts i write are reminders of the blessings i have. having a bad day? feeling like nothing is working out? i sit down and look through photos of my family or the earth or things i love and suddenly i remember everything i been given. sometimes when i need that reminder, i sit down at my computer and click on the mark or hallie or boston tab >>>>>> over there and i feel so much better. plus i know there will be a day that i will look back at these memories and smile because i have something more to remember them by than just the fleeting memories in my mind. i have photos and words that tell so much more. ♥

ps the whole activity was based on this talk which i loooove. and it gave me a reason to get creative and make some prints after a long hiatus. so, thumbs up.

Monday, June 22, 2015

solo parenting is not for the faint of heart.

the past week, mark has been working until midnight trying to get a new store set up. we had a month's notice to prepare for him being gone all day and not really seeing our kids at all, but it still was a pretty brutal wake up call for me. like, whoa. nothing like single parenting for a few days to make you realize how much you depend and lean on that other person.

on the third day of being "markless" i couldn't possibly think of another thing for dinner, so off we went for pizza and ice cream at sam's club. just keepin' it classy. boston was so obsessed with the food that he wouldn't stop shrieking between every bite and people were definitely staring. :) i couldn't get the food in his mouth fast enough, and he was in one of his super happy/loud/mischievous moods. i know i must have looked like i was struggling because a sweet older couple came up to me and said, "you're doing great!" hahaha.

so pretty much, mark is my hero because he makes my life so much easier. even besides all the help he gives with the kids, just talking to him when he gets home makes my day so much easier. i just love him a lot, okay??

ps no, that choclate ice cream did NOT wash out of boston's tshirt. long siiiiiigh.

Friday, June 19, 2015

(insert heart eyes emoji)

this sight never fails to give me all the feelings. mark never says no when hallie asks for a story. no matter the time of day or what else is going on, he always sits down and reads to her when she asks. to me that is the mark (no pun intended hahaha) of a good father. one who is always willing to stop and do something that will benefit his children. he has been #1 dad since day one. he has been a real partner in this parenting thing and there is no one on this earth i would rather raise children with. ♥

can't wait to celebrate him (and all the other dads too!) this weekend! i'm thinking some donuts are in order. :)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

when your baby communicates through long blinks.

last night boston woke up crying at midnight. he never does that. i can't even remember the last time he woke up in the night, it's been at least several months. we put him to bed at 8, and don't really hear from him until around 8 in the morning. don't get me wrong, i quite enjoy my uninterrupted night's sleep. really, i do.

but it was kinda nice to get him some milk then rock him for a few minutes. i loved it because i also don't remember the last time i was able to hold boston in my arms and rock him without him hitting my arms away and squirming to get down. :( he does not relax, EVER. if he's awake, he is moving and getting into things and just reeeeeally busy. so to have him lie (willingly) in my arms for a few minutes was pure bliss. we rocked and stared at each other in the very dim light. we communicated through long blinks and tiny smiles. i totally felt like he was telling me he loved me. haha! i'm serious. he looked deep into me eyes and long blinked and i am totally convinced he meant to say "mama, i love you" through that blink. and i just sort of died.

communicating through blinking is a thing, okay? ha! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

i ♥ music + tshirts

band tshirts are only my favorite thing ever.

let's not talk about how many beatles shirts i own. it's an embarrassing amount.

take my music away from me and i would be a sad, sad shell of a person. ha! i'm serious.

songs i can't stop listening to, old and new and everything in between:

wasted time- vance joy
sway- the perishers
high hopes- kodaline
cool- gwen stafani (don't laugh! it's a good song okay?!)
budapest- george ezra
between me and you- brandon flowers (and anything brandon flowers sings...)
what this world is coming to- nate ruess 
the wolf- mumford and sons
wrecking hotel rooms- mxpx (old but sooo good)
night changes- one direction (hahaha that's embarrassing)
wildest dreams- taylor swift (best song on 1989 if ya ask me...)
hopeless opus- imagine dragons
simple as that- jake bug
peaches- in the valley below

if you need new music, run, don't walk to your computer and youtube these! RUN i said! 

Monday, June 15, 2015

weekending with very few photos.

^^^watermelon is its very own food group to us, and when you run to redbox after the kids are asleep on a friday night just as the sun is about set. perfection.^^^

how i know it was a fun weekend? very few photos, you see i was too busy chasing boston around the pool, loading my plate with potato salad and cutting multiple watermelon to grab a camera. also both my kids slept until 9 o'clock this morning, so there's that.

we hit cafe rio, watched a comedy, went to the pool with sisters and mom (me and kids), worked on cars (mark), had a graduation party for a certain (and only) brother, took a sweet yellow corvette for a spin, had a relaxing sunday. this weekend was bomb.

also, what's the new, cool word for bomb? anyone??