Wednesday, October 22, 2014

boston boy is 5 months!

somebody slow down time! or just make it stop completely! it just doesn't seem fair how very quickly babies grow. boston is thriving. and by thriving, i mean eating around the clock, outgrowing everything, and spitting/pooping on every linen that gets in his path. :) he is an awesome sleeper, and is no longer using his binky at night or naps. he loooooves attention and interacting with people. he would be very happy if someone sat right in front of him and talked to him all day. he watches his big sister very closely and never fails to smile when he sees her in the morning or after his naps. he giggles when i put lotion on him and is soooo ticklish. he lights up when we sing patty-cakes or do so big with him. he seems older than he is- both in size and by how alert and aware he is, just like his sister was. a lot of people gasp when i tell them how old he is.

let's just say, we love him more than life. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

iphonephotography is a thing.

 //this tree at tjmaxx//
//baby in the bath tub = YES//
 //i took her picture in the leaves//
//so she insisted on taking mine//
 //black and white and yummy//
//i can't believe that baby is mine//
 //those curls make my eyes pop out of my head in heart shapes//
//tea party time//
 //she found a christmas bell and was pretty excited about it//
//thumbs up for baby pumpkin//
 //just three cousins + some princesses//
//just a selfie at the cabin, nbd//
 //these girls//
//anna reading hallie a bedtime story, awwww//
 //just chillaxin' ps i never say that//
//love that baby of mine//
 //just a normal day with princess dresses and play kitchens//
//grammy has thee best dress-ups in all the land//
 //that one time mark came home at 7 pm and we were already in our pjs. don't judge//
//just doin' his baby fox thing//

//i realize i reeeeally love that my defense two of those were taken on the same day!//
//don't worry, we had helmets! :)//

Monday, October 20, 2014

when it's fall break, you go to the mountains.

It's just what you do.

exploring the creek
pretty yellow leaves
playing in the loft for hours
caramel apples
four wheeler rides
hangin out on the deck
kids singing/screaming "let it go" downstairs
breakfast with all the cousins

it was a really fun trip!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

hallie the witch girl

what to be for halloween! it is a major dilemma in the life of this four year old. so far we have narrowed it down to three options. this witch costume of my mom's being one of them. i'm still pulling for alice in wonderland so boston can be the rabbit. :) we shall see.

halloween has never been my favorite, but i have found just like everyone says, it is a lot more fun with children who are suuuuuper excited about all things spooky. so, thank you ms hallie for changing my mind about this silly holiday.

Monday, October 13, 2014

sunday best

i look forward to sunday because 

1) we get to spend it being spiritually uplifted and as a family
2) the food. i like to keep my parent's tradition of making a big, delicious sunday dinner alive. nom. nom.
3) i like to dress my children all fancy. it's fun. :)

i mean, really. if he were any cuter my head would explode. 

seriously, is this odd looking to anyone else?? she's almost five years, he's almost five months and they're alarmingly close in size. :)

Friday, October 10, 2014

random leftovers.

you know when it's dinnertime and you're too lazy to cook anything, so instead you pull a bunch of random leftovers from the fridge, and pile them on the table and say to your family, "have at it!" (please tell me you do this?)

that's the kind of blog post this is. fair warning. :)

it's friday and i have important things to do today. at the top of my list is reserving a movie at redbox and deciding on what treat to make for date night. veeeeeeery important thing, i tell ya.

 ^^^i love these shots of hallie on a crisp, fall afternoon. baby was in the wagon and hallie was being the most adorable sistermother in the world^^^

yeah, sistermother is a thing, okay?

 ^^^i took this before preschool yesterday to document three things: 1) how much hallie adores going to preschool. 2) the fact that hallie now wears pants. YEEESSS! 3) that we actually had time to spare and were not late to preschool this day. literally the first time ever.^^^

 ^^^hallie is giving me a taste of my own medicine. ("and it is bitter!" friends quote.moving on.) everytime i take her picture, she wants to take mine. this was also before preschool and it documents the fact that i dropped her off in real clothes instead of sweats. three cheers for me!^^^

^^^here she is in action! it's kinda the cutest thing ever.^^^

 ^^^leaf picking is the best right now. she went under our tree and pretended she was in some sort of shelter in the wilderness. four year old play is the best. did i tell you about the time she was "washing dishes" and pretending she was cinderella and i was the evil stepmother?? awesome. she doesn't include or tell me, i just listen and watch carefully.^^^

^^^no, he's not impressed by you. ever.^^^

thanks for eating, but really reading, my leftovers. :)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

there's a baby pumpkin on the lawn!

my poor baby, i stuffed him in his pumpkin outfit one more time. it was tight the first time he wore it, and after being washed, it was quite the strech getting him in it. but i persevered! and was like, this wiiiiiill fit you. and you will wear it!

you see, i found this outfit when i was pregnant for $1.97. i thought it was such a miracle because it was the middle of february. this was the only one there and it was the exact size he should be wearing! i was so excited!

buuuut then he was 9 lbs when he was born, and he's grown sooooo fast. but still, i was like, this is the miracle pumpkin outfit and he will wear it! no matter how many times the snaps pop open during the day! :)

.... and last time he wore it i forgot the hat. how could i? so yeah, these will probably be the last batch of baby-in-a-pumpkin outfit photos on this blog. what a shame. :) rest assured, christmas is around the corner. i can just see him dressed as an elf, reindeer, santa.... somebody stop me, please. :)