Monday, April 24, 2017

cloudy sundays in april

ahh, sundays are good. yesterday was especially good. it was cloudy, but warmer than it had been all week. boston wore a tie and stayed in sacrament meeting the entire time. (only yelled his cousin's names a few times, hey no one's perfect haha) hallie's teacher told me that she is so sweet and kind and obedient. ♥ mark was my extra set of hands in primary since my teaching partner was out of town. it was fun to have him in there and help me teach about the book of mormon.

we walked home to a warm crock pot meal and ate at the dining room table with the nice dishes. then all settled down for a nice afternoon nap. mark even got up when boston did and took him downstairs to play mario so i could a have a few extra minutes.♥

i just gotta remember yesterday because i kept looking at my family and feeling like i was the luckiest girl in the world. i mean, look at them, they are pretty amazing.♥♥

Friday, April 21, 2017

this week according to my iphone

///makes me happy to see him love school///
///that face!///

 ///story time before naps///

 ///mornings are not her jam///
///let's go!///

 ///these little things like the way the sunset comes in the window that makes it feel like home///
///never tire of those spring blossoms///

 ///he can officially reach any light switch. YIKES///
///that one time it was actually semi warm///

 ///sidewalk chalk forever///
///outside is his favorite place///

 ///he really knows how to unwind after a tough day :)///
///hallie being her cute self///

 ///last day of abc class! i'm so sad it's over! :(///
///when your husband completes super mario world, *swoons*///

 ///charlotte's web///

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

easter part 2

+walked to church
+peaceful day with well behaved children
+quick nap
+easter feast at my parents
+pictures in the backyard
+boston in suspenders (I CAN'T)
+hallie in a new dress
+cousins running wild outside
+best of all, being so thankful for all of it.♥

Monday, April 17, 2017

easter part 1

I LOVE EASTER. mark's parents had us over on saturday for an easter feast and egg hunt for the kids. it was the first year boston really got the whole collecting eggs things and it was pretty cute to watch. it was so fun catching up with mark's parents and watching the kids play and swing in their yard. hallie and i dyed eggs and we loved it. such a simple thing, but really got us feelin festive. :) such a fun day with our little fam. ♥