Tuesday, October 13, 2015

all about that mom life.

 ///she'd been waiting for WEEKS for a rainy day///
///when you're deep in thought at chick-fil-a///
 ///pretty walks///
///i ♥ yellow leaves///
///that one time i carried boston to pick up hallie and my arm legit almost broke///
///eating lunch shirtless///
///one speed///
///begging to get out///
///ballet is still the highlight of basically her life///
///when your mom makes you pose for a photo before school///
///"don't go yet! i have to buckle starly!"///
///when you're in the zone with the great mouse detective///
///movie nights are always a good idea///
///"i don't know what you're talking about, i didn't just stuff a handful of popcorn in my mouth"///
///strong snack game///
///hipster baby///
///just cuz he's cute and spanky-like///
///when it's finally under 75 degrees and a flannel is completely necessary. ps it was 73 degrees///
///this brings back memories!///
///still the best stuffed animal mama out there///
///there he goes! full speed ahead!///
///when he pounds on the doors and you're a little nervous someone's gonna answer///
///happy boy when he gets to run around!///
///but then i put him in his car seat and he was not happy about it///

Monday, October 12, 2015

evening walks in october

we are pretty dang lucky. our new place is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac. and right behind us is a senior community (i like old people) that has a nice, long sidewalk that makes a big loop around the neighborhood. it is perrrrrfect for walks with the children. usually i make boston sit in his stroller, but on this particular day, he was CRAZY ENERGY MAN (yes, it's a thing) so i decided to let him run, to rid him of some of the crazy energy. it worked quite well. :) this fall weather is perfection.

then there's me trying to keep him from running into the street, no biggie.

Friday, October 9, 2015

before and after: sleeping babe.

i couldn't help sneaking in to snap some photos of boston during his afternoon nap. the sun shines in his window in the afternoon, making the light conditions juuuuust perfect for the photography nerd in me. he is so precious, as are those few moments during the day that he isn't creating mischief! oh, how i savor those moments of naptime. because before i know it, he's back at it! i love him dearly. and also, i hope i make it through this stage with him. :)

ps one year ago today, i took this photo:
i'll take 10 more babies, please.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

making house a home.

slowly but surely this place is feeling more and more like home. we are really loving it here. i still feel a twinge of homesickness for our hyrum home and friends occasionally, i miss my grey walls and hardwood floors like i knew i would, but on the other hand this place has twice the closet space and is easier to keep clean. my main goal was to get photos up on the walls because having our memories around me makes me feel happy and helps me remember that home is not a place, it's a person. (or people in my case♥)

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

in the mountains.

while we were at the cabin, of course i convinced my family we needed to go to the mountains and take some photos! it was a beautiful day and even though the colors weren't as vibrant as they have been in past years, it is still such a beautiful area, especially since it holds so many fun memories for us. boston was in heaven, he loves being outside so much and hallie is always happy to explore and look for heart shaped rocks.

the ones of hallie and boston together are definitely my favorite. i could not love their little bond more. he's always looking up at her with adoration and she's always there to look out for him and keep him safe.♥