Thursday, July 31, 2014


boston is the kind of baby that makes me think having 10 babies is a good idea. someone smack me because having 10 babies is a horrid idea.

i'm teetering on the edge of being that super annoying mom who keeps bragging about her kids.

okay, maybe i've fallen of the edge and am now swimming in the river of obnoxiousness.

whatever. completely worth it because those cheeks! that chin! those eyes! that hat!

okay, i'll stop. but really, how cute is champion baby??

if anyone needs me, i'll just be over here staring at my baby.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


 //little bro//
//cowgirl hallie//
 //we are very serious about wii bowling//
//he is an armful! but how i love our late night snuggles!//
 //just eating cereal like a lady//
//mark reading one of my favorite books growing up//
 //he looked so cute, i wanted to die!//
//his chin is my favorite//
/smiles! he is still rather stingy with them//
//multitasking father right here//
 //just watching a little street outlaws, nbd//
//that one time i did my hair//
 //because he IS captain adorable//
//siblings. be still my heart//
//mountains in the summertime//
//messy house, cute baby//
//love that little man//

Friday, July 25, 2014

i haven't been this excited for friday since... last friday.

^^^baby rolls, yeeesss^^^

i'm really excited it's friday today. tonight is mark's movie choice, and i already know he's going to make me watch planet of the apes. i was an idiot and bought him the planet of the apes combo pack for his birthday, not thinking that he would make me sit through alllllllll three of them. i'm really kicking myself for that. :) as long as there is a treat, i think i'll survive. at least i hope.

better news: champion baby has slept from 11-7:30 for the past three nights. i'm crossing my fingers that it's not a fluke! could you cross yours for me too? please and thank you.

happy summer weekend!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

boston: champion of all things baby

^^^i can't even handle that face!!! or the fact that it seems to say, i'm ready to compete and win^^^

if there was a prize for the champion baby, i'm pretty sure our little boston would take home the trophy.

his areas of expertise include:

guzzling down his bottle in record time

staining his brand new, never before worn onesie

spitting up as soon as i think i'm in the clear and put the burp rag down

snoozing away peacefully every chance he gets

having an "exploding diaper" right after i get him out of the bath and dressed in clean clothes

dipping his clean sock in said "exploding diaper" before i get the situation under control

kicking his chubby legs

practicing his archery skills

making a perfect "o" with his mouth (cutest thing ever)

looking like a little old man

spitting his binky out on the dirtiest floor possible/cement/when i just picked it up and washed it

breaking out of his swaddle like he's building muscle for the next weight competition (maybe he is, annika. every thought of that??)

sleeping. oh he is such a good night sleeper!

dirtying linens much quicker than the washing machine can wash them

the best part is, he always looks pretty proud of himself any time he reaches a new level of achievement in any of the above categories.

i'm obsessed with our little champion baby. exploding diapers and all. :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

party time!

summertime parties are just the best. this one especially was gorgeous. one of mark's brothers tied the knot a few months back in hawaii. i cried into my pillow because i was 8 months pregnant and couldn't go. :( buuut then they had a party celebration over the weekend and i smiled into my pillow because i COULD go. (okay, i didn't smile into my pillow. because that would be weird.)

the bride and groom bought all the nieces in attendance matching dresses. and hallie asked me everyday for a week straight if it was party day and if she could wear her new dress. so it was pretty exciting when the day finally came. here are some shots before we left:
 ^^^safe to say she felt downright beautiful^^^
ps yes, there are cookies on our couch. at least they're in a container? since boston's birth, my clean house standards have lowered.... like, a lot.
^^^because sometimes you have to take a picture to see if you like your outfit. please tell me you do this.^^^
 ^^^there was enough cuteness to go around^^^
 ^^^people kept asking if her curls were natural^^^
 ^^^a hawaiian flower just made her day even better^^^
 ^^^they all stood there oohing and aahhing over the wedding photos^^^
 ^^^then they spent the evening dancing in the driveway.^^^
and those hydrangeas! i almost picked some. but mark wouldn't let me. rude.
 ^^^it got dark, but let's be honest, that's when the real party starts^^^
^^^baby boston was a trooper!^^^
^^^four of the six neville siblings^^^

Friday, July 18, 2014

this is what my iphone has to say about life.

 //let me rock you, she says//
//i'm cool if he wants to get that heart tattooed on his arm one day//
//if only babies could speak//
//princess story time! that father is a trooper//
 //dad getting his boston fix for the day//
//mom getting her boston fix for the day//
 //he was ready for his close up//
//until he fell asleep mid photo shoot//
//sleeping babies in custom onesies are pretty darn good//
//as are sleeping babies swaddled in their crib//
 //mama and hallie date of eating pure sugar and ice. cool.//
//watching his big sister in awe//
//swim date!//
//and just lookin' stylish//