Thursday, April 9, 2015

boston & food

if you know boston, you know that he's completely obsessed with food and eating. the only thing we've found he doesn't like, is when his meal is over. (and getting his face wiped, but that's a story for another day!)

like, i can't even go into the kitchen without him a)following me b)panting and growling until i carry him in with me. if i ignore the panting and growling, things will get ugly real quickly. he is always watching. when i buy his baby food at the store, i try and hide it but he always sees and starts kicking and getting excited. and when he realizes i'm not opening it, whining. sooooo if you see me in the baby food aisle, with an open fruit pouch in hand, you'll know why. (and i promise i'll pay for it!)

the other day he was digging in the diaper bag, no doubt searching for the crackers he knows i keep in there, when he found a spoon. he took the spoon everywhere with him and played with it for longer than any toy i've ever seen. i could just see the wheels turning like, "wait, why is there no food on it?!"

he cracks me up. and makes me worried about how our grocery bill will stay grounded when he's a teenager. :)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

4 things that are making me happy today.

-finding an old "polaroid" i don't remember making. i'm over here like, give me all the spring blossoms! they are never around long enough.

-midi dresses are a thing and i couldn't be happier about it. i have so many problems finding dresses and skirts that are long enough, i can't even tell you how happy it makes me to visit and find they have a whole section of midi dresses and skirts! i definitely purchased a few. thaaaaaank yoooooou!  (h&m and old navy also have cute midi dresses right now! SCORE.)

-do  you guys ever get sucked into beauty tutorials on youtube? it's sort of becoming a guilty pleasure for me. it's rough weeding through the trashiness, but i found a channel i really like! right here. some of her makeup tutorials kinda changed my life. ha! and she keeps it classy.

-this song, i already told you how i feel about him, so i won't go there again. :)

Monday, April 6, 2015

easter and conference rolled into one.

^^^hallie thinks these cousins are everything and i agree^^^

we had a lovely easter dinner with mark's family this year. the thing that made me happiest was seeing hallie share her plastic eggs with boston and realizing because of what this day means for us, i get to call them mine forever. there is nothing in this world that can compare to that knowledge. i feel all the feelings for those three. ♥

other happenings from this very full weekend:
^^^a trip to in-n-out and forever 21 while we were down south visiting a new cousin! hallie was in love.^^^
^^^coloring pictures while listeing to the prophets and making sure the beloved sock monkey was present at all times.^^^
^^^beautiful blossoms and those blue mountains in the corner are my favorite. but my REAL favorite is my baby napping with his bum in the air.^^^

Thursday, April 2, 2015

square photos on a thursday.

 ///i ♥ his crooked smile///
///that monkey has been the toy of the week///
///new dolls from granny///
///waiting for mark at the gas station. story of my life///
///i bought mark a matching batman shirt and they're both super embarrassed about it///
///thumbs up for pantless naps///
///hallie's specialty- cookies'n'creme with a scoop of chocolate on top///
///soggy bottom boy crawling away///
///just mark and his mini me///
///she's always so excited to go to church and i ♥ it///
///just trolling for crumbs///
///watching despicable me is serious business///

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

when it's spring break and 72 degrees.

it's spring break and we are livin' up the extra 6 hours we have together this week. :)

this was boston's first go at the baby swings and he was loving it. hallie pushed him and said, "look mom! i'm pushing my brother and he's laughing!" after this we went home, ate lunch and all three of us took a nap. any day that includes a nap is a good day.

other stuff we plan on doing this spring break: have a playdate with cousins, make peanut butter cookies, go on a picnic, do some easter crafts, watch her favorite disney princess movies in preparation for meeting them, eat pizza with granny and gramps, spend time outside, clean house, and redecorate. spring break, you rule.

Monday, March 30, 2015

easter in years past.

^^^easter preview photo. it's a thing, okay?^^^
we love easter around this place. but so much has been going on that i have not had time to be as excited this year. and if ya ask me, easter deserves a loooot of enthusiasm. so, let's take a lookback at some easter-y posts! yes, let's do that.

remember back when i bought hallie an easter dress she was just dying to wear? that was the longest wait for easter in history. now that year we had the appropriate amount of excitement. :) go here to see her in the beloved dress.

remember last year when i was 8 months pregnant on easter? good times. :) i remember my feet hurting and having nothing to wear. rough life. but the ham dinner made up for the painful pregnancy woes and wardrobe issues.

or how about when hallie was just 2 and i was in my last semester of school? that was such a fun one and i'm dying over her little curls! then she had a dress and sweater that she looked so precious in!

i can't end without mentioning the first year hallie was able to participate in an easter egg hunt. she was only 16 months, but darnit, she knew what she was doin and she meant business! that year easter was also on my birthday and it was so fun to celebrate both!

oh i do love easter! my enthusiasm level is rising, i'm patting myself on the back.

Friday, March 27, 2015


wearing: new chucks. getting used to them so i can walk all over disneyland in them in a few weeks. (ahh!) sneakers, skinny jeans and a tshirt are my momiform these days. also, i purchased overalls. i was going a long in life and sometimes i'd be like, "i miss overalls." hehe especially capri overalls. i had them denim, khaki, and olive. i told mark i was getting overalls and he said, "you're a character." haha but my sister's response was my favorite: "do they have winnie the pooh peeking out of the pocket?" hahaha

watching: finishing season 10 of grey's anatomy! that show.i will be slightly depressed when i'm all caught up. how will i spend quiet time?? i just don't want to add up the amount of time it takes to watch 10 seasons of something.... eeeek. mark and i are catching up on portlandia on netflix. it's pretty dang funny. this weekend i'm hoping to redbox the new annie! we've been movie watching machines the past few weekends and i ♥ it.

listening: oh i'm obsessed with music. sometimes a song comes on and i'm like, "this is like music to my ears!" and mark's like, "um, literally." annnnnyway, the imagine dragons cd is magic. riptide by vance joy is everything. (and i'm finding allllll his songs are everything. i love finding a new artist to follow!) also go here and listen to taylor's version because it's nothing short of awe.some.

reading: i just returned our library books and didn't have time to browse for new ones. :( i need new book suggestions. i'm at a loss.

working on: cleaning my closet (that's what i'm supposed to be doing right now. oops.) and displaying spring photos from years past in my living room. making a list of house projects we need to get going on.

loving: running errands with my kids. friday is errand day. that means today we hit sam's club and tjmaxx. it's awesome. fridays are just the best days in general. also love seeing what hallie brings home from preschool. boston was not a fan of the fox mask, but i sure was. 

looking forward to: my little sissy coming to spend the night this weekend! imagine me putting my fist up in the air then bringing it down while saying, "yessssss." um, hello, so looking forward to vacation with my WHOLE family. seeing my kids meet mickey and minnie and i'll most likely be a puddle of tears. is that weird??

so much to love and look forward to in life.