Friday, June 24, 2016


we survived the week, BARELY. haha packing is brutal. we've tried to stay sane by making one fun outing a day, in most cases to mark's parents' pool. we've been three times in the last week right before nap time so i could put boston to sleep and actually get stuff done. i'm excited for this part to be over! today i pack the kitchen and tomorrow we have people coming to help load the furniture. we close on our house next week, so we'll be at my parent's. after closing i'll take a few days to paint (because paint colors are everything to me! ha) then we'll finally be able to move in. i am incredibly grateful and also wish it would be over. :) this is the last day i'll have my computer, so brb. :)

Thursday, June 23, 2016

we kinda like this place.

this place is one of my favorites. something about the evening sun coming through the aspens is just magical. both our kids loooove exploring granny and gramps' yard, i mean can you blame them?! and the trees give the perfect amount of shade for the adults to sit under and watch the kids run wild. i love this place so much. it's never been home to me, but somehow it feels a little bit like it? i feel a twinge of home when i go there, especially when i think of all the memories it holds that date way back to our dating days.

since we moved last summer, we have lived 3 minutes away from mark's parents and i can't tell you how much we've loved that. we've seen them so often and it has been wonderful. one of the things that is the hardest for me when it comes to moving, is being further from them. we will really, really miss seeing them all the time (i mean, we're only moving 45 minutes away, but STILLLL) and just knowing they are there.

i know we will still visit as much as we can, but it won't be the same. no more spontaneous visits on sunday nights when we have an hour before the kids need to be in bed and we wanna get out of the house. or grabbing burgers on a random weeknight. i am so thankful to them, and i will miss them so much. but this is life, we will adjust and make it a point to see them as often as we can, even though it will take a bit more planning and time to make that happen. just one more thing that is changing and making my head spin a little bit.

i know, i'm a sentimental fool and it's a good thing we're not moving any further because i would surely lose it. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

a baby shower for maddy!


my darling little sister slash bff is having a baby! i am beyond happy and excited for her. (and me cuz I LOVE BABIES) she is pretty much the toughest pregnant girl i know and is gonna ROCK the mom thing. we had a small gathering to celebrate her and baby on the most beautiful summer evening. it couldn't have been a better setting, my parent's gorgeous backyard and lots of yummy food and lots of chatting with people who love maddy as much as we do. can't wait to meet this lucky little lady!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

this is happening part II

^^^i sure hope all our crap will fit in this thing^^^
this is happening part I

it's time! the time has come for us to leave our short stint as basement apartments dwellers. we found a house to buy and i am dying with excitement over it- it's pretty perfect for me, it's got a nice, mid century modern vibe that i couldn't ♥ more, it's got a balcony and an awesome, fenced yard, (perfect for crazy man boston) a two car garage for mark, and the best part is it's INSANELY close to my family over the mountain. it's pretty crazy how it all worked out, we weren't seriously looking until we found out this house was about to be put on the market. thanks to some digging by our family, we were able to see it before it was listed and somehow we fell in love with it and couldn't get it out of our heads. so we put an offer on and they accepted and EVERYTHING HAPPENED SO FAST!

but honestly, i couldn't be happier or feel more blessed that this is where we are going end up, in my little hometown that i love so very much. when i think about how hard it's been to rent this past year after owning, it all seems so very worth it to get us to this point. it just feels like fate and i'm not even sure i believe in fate, but here we are. :)

although i couldn't be more excited, there are still some mixed emotions about leaving, mostly for hallie. she is really excited but also pretty sad at the thought of leaving her school, primary class and all the great friends she's made this past year. i feel really bad (mom guilt) about it, but i also know this is what's best for our family and that once we get there she is going to love it even more. i mean, did you hear the part about the balcony?? ps mark and i now joke about it because i loooove the balcony so much, that basically my answer for all life problems is "but we're gonna have a balcony!" haha

i'm getting a little nostalgic about leaving cache valley because this is the only home i've known since i was an 18 year old kid. the only place i've been with mark and all our memories of our dating and early married life are here and for some reason i just feel a little sentimental about that chapter of our lives closing. but also so very excited for the next chapter, a home we can stay in forever and really feel settled and put down roots in the very best village there is.

the move is going down this weekend, so in the meantime i'm packing every spare minute and trying to eat all the food in our fridge and freezer. haha let's just say i'm never gonna wanna see another corn dog again. :)

first day of summer!

on the first day of summer it's only natural to wear a big sun hat (that i can't get her take off) and get a nice, cold root beer ice cream cone. yes, that is the most appropriate way to officially welcome my very favorite season. it was also 95 degrees and PERFECT outside. mark felt otherwise, but hallie and i thoroughly enjoyed it. :) oh summer! i just love it so much. i can't wait to make lots of fun memories with my little family this season.

Monday, June 20, 2016

happy father's day to the best!

we had a great day yesterday celebrating mark. we made him his favorite meal, (steak and potatoes, obviously) hallie sang to him in church, and we visited his parents that evening. it was a pretty perfect sunday celebrating the glue that holds this family together. i mean, really watching him be a father to our children is everything to me. he is such an example, and i will forever be trying to live up to the kind of parent he is. when we got married, i hadn't seen him around kids too much, he had nieces and nephews that lived out of state and didn't have much experience with children. then there was me who had ALWAYS been around children and knew the ins and outs of taking care of them pretty well. safe to say when we had hallie, everything shifted. he was SUCH A NATURAL. i was like, um, how do you know what to do when you've never been around kids?? it is such a beautiful thing to watch the man you love love your children with everything he has. i knew he would be a good dad, but i didn't know he would regularly blow my mind by being an exceptional one. so happy i chose him. ♥

and two little iphone photos i snapped before we went to church because look at them!

Friday, June 17, 2016

this is summer.

we spent the second week of summer up at the cabin, and it couldn't have been more perfect. we were there from monday to thursday morning and somehow that still wasn't enough time. the good news is there's always next time. we had a hot dog roast, did some crafts, visited grandpa and grandma, explored the creek, had a picnic at the city park, went on four wheeler rides, made yummy meals, and ate snacks and played games on the last night. and the kids played and played and played. hallie and navy are finally old enough to walk down to my grandparent's house by themselves and they couldn't have been happier about it, always looking for a reason to go visit them. i always come home feeling so grateful for my family and the way they are, you know?

 zootopia in the loft and what darling helpers we had!

 i couldn't love this place more and her marshmallows were PERFECT. good job, halliegirl!

 this was the best smore i ever had and bos and suz relaxing.

 boston LOVES the swings, and hallie wasn't so sure about the teeter totters.

 i took hallie on a ride and she was scared to death and said, "i wish dad was here to drive!" HOW RUDE. so i left her home on the next ride. :)
 "i really wish you knew how to drive this before now!" haha