Monday, May 23, 2016

bostonboy turns TWO!

^^^i mean, of course i HAD to sneak in during his nap, i had no choice^^^

^^^yup, we definitely shoulda just gotten him skittles^^^

^^^in all his toddler glory^^^
^^^nothing like watching your husband throw your toddler in the air, amiright?^^^

honestly, one of my favorite days. we really kept things simple: collected things with mickey mouse or stars (his two favorite things) took the kids to the jump zone where they had the time of their lives, met granny and gramps neville at mcdonalds, made it home just in time to sing to him and eat cake and ice cream. we put him in his new jammies and he just looked so grown up and we all got a little sentimental about this little man of ours.

while we ate cupcakes and ice cream before bedtime, we all shared some things we love about boston.
-he makes us happy, especially watching him learn and playing with him (a)
-he was the perfect addition to our family, and balances us in so many ways. (a)
-he has cute, big eyes (h)
-he knows a lot of things (h)
-his smile makes us smile (m)
-he has his own way of loving each member of our family differently. (m)

after we begrudgingly put the kids to bed (it was such a fun day, no one wanted it to end) mark and i got comfy together in the easy chair and scrolled through photos of boston since he was born on my phone. looking at those and talking about his life, i was honestly just like, how did we get so lucky to have him?? my goal is to remember that feeling, especially on those tough two-year-old days, youknowwhati'msayin? :) we just couldn't be happier about having that boy in our fam. ♥

birthday boy in the morning and waiting for him to wake up from his nap was borderline torture for halliegirl.
 why do kids like mcdonalds so much?? as soon as we pulled in the parking lot boston was smiling ear to ear.
 love this family of mine so much.
 our giant toddler wearing 4t pjs on his 2nd birthday. whaaaat.

Friday, May 20, 2016

weekly happenings.

 i can honestly say i'm really going to miss this. especially that moment when we pick hallie up and they run towards each other so excited and it breaks my little mama heart in the best way.

 THE HAND HOLDING. in other news, boston wore overalls i was legit SWOONING over him all day. like, he's wearing those errrryday this summer. mean it. (you know how i feel about overalls!)

 we've all been obsessed with cookies'n'cream in a sugar cone. sooo good. and he gets mad if he's not the leader on our walks. haha sometimes i wonder about the future with him. :)

 then hallie and i walk behind him, always holding hands and talking about her day. nothing like those little chats. i heart them so much. and also boston's face.

 he was just happy to be outside and she picked me dandelions.

 pudding at swimming lessons and sometimes being the little brother is hard. he wants sooo badly to go in the pool. and honestly, i'm just proud that we haven't had any falling-in incidents. knock on wood because we still have 2 more sessions and with each time we go he gets more insistent that he CAN swim. 

 being a tease and trying to go down the stairs before i see, then giving me THAT FACE when i look.

 SPOTTED! man cub in the wild. and he looks like a 15 year old with that binky. we gotta get rid of it. :(

 after dinner we went on a family outing to get gas and a treat. our family outings are so exciting, you have no idea. :)


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

last day of ballet: ✔

i couldn't help but snap a few photos of hallie on her last day of ballet. it has been such a great learning experience for her. she made lots of new friends, adored miss kelly and really got the hang of some of those tough ballet moves. we've got her big recital next week that she's really looking forward to, then i think we'll both be okay with having a nice long break from ballet for the next few months.

one more thing wrapping up! whew, i feel like may is a marathon of business but we're making it! the end is in sight. yayyyy!