Thursday, May 28, 2015

finding happy in the everyday.

///sunnies are a must///
///trying to keep this kid entertained during hallie's story time///
 ///he looked at the book for about 30 seconds before crawling away at lightning speed///
///cutest cowgirl i ever did see///
 ///that boy and his cake///
///it was literally in his hair///
 ///because everyone deserves a birthday nap///
///off to her second to last day of preschool!!///
 ///no matter what hallie has, i guarantee he's trying to take it///
///the look of defiance he gives me while trying to pull his bib off keeps me up at night. yikes.///
 ///field trip to willow zoo! this is hallie and her favorite preschool friend, emmy///
///boston got in on the baby swings and wasn't sad about it///
 ///just a little hair brushing///
///always a stuffed animal in hand///
 ///obligatory birthday photos///
///with our big one year old///
 ///oh, the huuuuuuugs///
///he's loving his new barn and i sorta love it too///
///after birthday mess is always ok with me///
///that hair always makes me smile///

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


this memorial weekend found us in the mountains, children running wild and also performing talent shows in the loft, four wheeling with maddy and nate (mud evvvverywhere), eating scrumptious food, talking and laughing and playing games until midnight. these kinds of weekends are everything to me and i'm so thankful for them. it was all fun.

ps on actual memorial day we were home cleaning our house, so that was less fun. ;)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

our little graduate.

hallie's a prechool graduate! i can't believe how very fast this year went. she thrived in preschool, always so excited to go, loved her teacher and really learned a lot. i'm happy it was such a good experience for both of us.

her graduation happened to be on boston's birthday. it was perfect. she was so excited they got to share a special day. my favorite was that she kept calling it her coronation. like, mom i can't waaiiiit for my coronation! (judging by the frozen frenzy, i'm guessing she wasn't the only one!) They performed some darling songs and all got a special award from their teacher.

now on to kindergarten in a few months!

Friday, May 22, 2015

bostonboy turns ONE!

as a mom, you always imagine the first birthday being thee perfect day. while it wasn't exactly what you would call perfect -i did a number on the cupackes, so bad they were both under cooked and burnt at the same time! haha. so an extra trip to the bakery! after i had already been there earlier in the day, boston was not wanting to nap, which led to him being fussy and needing to be held all day, (all i can say, my back!!!) it poured rain an hour before our outside festivities were going to begin... but after i let that all go, it was a really happy day. i laughed about the horrible cupcakes all day, and kept thinking boston would be so worn out be day's end that he would sleep peacefully for many hours, and hey, we ate cake inside. no big deal.

my two favorite parts of the day: watching hallie and boston play with the barn we gave him. watching that is literally a dream come true for me. it gives me all the feels. my other favorite part was watching him eat cake! he ate soooo much cake! we have been really careful about giving him sugar, so he was in heaven. plus, you know how he feels about food in general. he was a complete disaster and i was really glad i had two moms to help me clean it up! seriously, mark's mom swept and wiped the floor up, my mom cleaned boston in the sink and scrubbed the high chair. it was sooo nice.

the most important part was celebrating this precious baby that came into our lives one year ago. he is so special to us. my biggest hope is that we can spend the rest of our lives showing him what he means to us.♥♥♥

last night of 11 months

i just couldn't help it, i had to commemorate the last night before boston turned one. hallie and i were both like, he can't go to sleep! he'll be one tomorrow! i had to drag myself out of his room to let him go to sleep, then of course i had to go back in and stare at him sleeping.

the next morning when we woke up, hallie said "i bet he can walk and talk now that he's one!"

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

364 days ago.

there are no words. 

tomorrow it will be 365 days ago and i'll admit i've already shed a tear or two over that fact.

i'm begging you, please someone find a way to freeze time!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

first year.