Wednesday, August 20, 2014

pretty things i saw.

(...of course waffles can be pretty!)

this place. it is so beautiful.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

...according to my iphone

 //relaxin on the porch//
//two cute girrrrrrls//
 //walk to the "circle"//
//four wheeler ride through the mountains//
 //because a ride at dusk is always a good idea... we almost got sprayed by a skunk, btw. great idea//
//boston just being all adorable in a onesie//
 //pretty sunset//
//...and more walks with the whole gang//
 //the moon on the night i was alone... going out to take a pic made it less scary//
//sometimes a girl just needs a little technology in her life//
 //these things are dangerous! i'm surprised no one fell off/threw up//
//a bath with cousin is always fun.... when you're 4. any older and that's just plain awkward//  :)
//going into town//
//that deck is my happy place//

Monday, August 18, 2014

story time at cousin camp!

my oldest sister is a genius. (if you know her or read her blog, you are nodding right now, aren't you?) she had the great idea of reading "laura and mary" picture books to the children for one of the activities. they wore bonnets and i was over here like, this is the cutest thing ever!

they sat on a quilt in the dirt, and let's just say, hallie wouldn't have made it as a pioneer. every bug, every particle of dirt was the biggest deal. that girl. :)

ever since she's been all, laura and mary this and jack the bulldog that. love it.

sisters lunch

when it was my turn to make lunch i was like, hmm, let's feed all the kids leftovers and have a girly salad for us moms! (ya know, the kind my husband would never eat.) shannon provided dirty drinks and we sat and ate and chatted in peace! can you imagine!

it ended up being one of my favorite parts of cousin camp. i love my sisters! we missed maddy and suz in the worst way. :(

what do we do with our crazy children while we enjoy our peaceful lunch, you ask? why, give them an ipad of course! :) and make sure all the babies are napping.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

nicknames for champion baby

while we were at the cabin, my younger siblings and i tried to come up with a nickname for little man. here are some of the contenders:

-bos man
-little bos
-big b
-b man
-sweet b

uuuhhhh, i think i'll stick with boston. :)

Friday, August 15, 2014

bubbles, walks, quiet time, the good stuff.

here are some of the ways we kept ourselves occupied this past week:

^^^popsicles on the back deck^^^ 
^^^walking to the creek^^^
^^^they were just enthralled to have their picture taken^^^
^^^quiet time in the boys' loft...even though there's only one actual boy^^^
^^^the girls loft, where the majority of playing is done^^^
^^^homemade bubbles^^^
^^^these girls love baby boston, and i love them^^^
^^^more bubbles^^^
^^^leisurely walk^^^
homemade play-dough^^^
^^^very serious business^^^
^^^matching braids^^^
^^^he is a goofball and i love it^^^
^^^loving four wheeler rides^^^
^^^dancing in the rainstorm^^^
^^^aaaaand hugging in the rainstorm, of course^^^

Thursday, August 14, 2014

a little thing we like to call COUSIN CAMP.

we just got back from almost a week in the mountains.

almost a week.

our little family of four went up for the weekend. mark had to leave :( to go to work. (pssshhh work.) but! then my lovely sisters and their children came up for cousin camp. soon after my parents and a few more siblings joined the party.

and a party it was.

i took 200 photos. yikes. i have a lot to share and a lot of fun memories i want to document here.

for now i share some highlights:

-mark left sunday night and my sisters came monday morning. that meant i was alone at the cabin with two children and my grandparents weren't even across the field to protect me! i thought i would freak out. buuuut then i didn't. it was actually a lovely, quiet night watching sabrina on netflix. (because who can resist harrison ford in a bow tie? not me.)

-it's nice to have people around who "get" being a mom. it was like, my oldest sister was rocking my baby while my other sister was helping her kids while i was making lunch for all the kids.

-i laughed. probably harder than i have in a loooooong time. we have had very silly conversations after 11 pm. that's just how we roll.

i am happy to be home. i am happy to see my husband. i am really happy for the memories we made this week. family is just everything to me.