Friday, March 27, 2015


wearing: new chucks. getting used to them so i can walk all over disneyland in them in a few weeks. (ahh!) sneakers, skinny jeans and a tshirt are my momiform these days. also, i purchased overalls. i was going a long in life and sometimes i'd be like, "i miss overalls." hehe especially capri overalls. i had them denim, khaki, and olive. i told mark i was getting overalls and he said, "you're a character." haha but my sister's response was my favorite: "do they have winnie the pooh peeking out of the pocket?" hahaha

watching: finishing season 10 of grey's anatomy! that show.i will be slightly depressed when i'm all caught up. how will i spend quiet time?? i just don't want to add up the amount of time it takes to watch 10 seasons of something.... eeeek. mark and i are catching up on portlandia on netflix. it's pretty dang funny. this weekend i'm hoping to redbox the new annie! we've been movie watching machines the past few weekends and i ♥ it.

listening: oh i'm obsessed with music. sometimes a song comes on and i'm like, "this is like music to my ears!" and mark's like, "um, literally." annnnnyway, the imagine dragons cd is magic. riptide by vance joy is everything. (and i'm finding allllll his songs are everything. i love finding a new artist to follow!) also go here and listen to taylor's version because it's nothing short of awe.some.

reading: i just returned our library books and didn't have time to browse for new ones. :( i need new book suggestions. i'm at a loss.

working on: cleaning my closet (that's what i'm supposed to be doing right now. oops.) and displaying spring photos from years past in my living room. making a list of house projects we need to get going on.

loving: running errands with my kids. friday is errand day. that means today we hit sam's club and tjmaxx. it's awesome. fridays are just the best days in general. also love seeing what hallie brings home from preschool. boston was not a fan of the fox mask, but i sure was. 

looking forward to: my little sissy coming to spend the night this weekend! imagine me putting my fist up in the air then bringing it down while saying, "yessssss." um, hello, so looking forward to vacation with my WHOLE family. seeing my kids meet mickey and minnie and i'll most likely be a puddle of tears. is that weird??

so much to love and look forward to in life.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

recording the everyday with boston boy.

i have been so bound and determined to record boston's babyhood. it's funny how these things seem almost mundane when you're in the thick of it- i mean, of course he sleeps in a crib and he sits in his high chair so much in a day, it's not exactly newsworthy. yet i know from experience one day i will look at these pictures and say "remember when there was a high chair by the table?? remember how he'd yell every time you paused feeding him to feed yourself, even just one bite? remember when we'd go peek in on him while he slept in his crib?? remember how one day he just sat right up in his bouncer and that was the day we decided we was too old for it?? remember how he loved to go places??"

so i am diligently (maybe a little too diligently) recording him eating, sleeping, crawling, playing. but i have learned that i never regret taking too many pictures. i will cherish these forever and when my babies are grown, i will look back and wish i could jump into these pictures and squeeze him.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


over the weekend hallie and i went to the theater to see cinderella. it totally lived up to the hype for me. it was such a beautiful movie. and that message! isn't that what we all want for our daughters?? it sure is what i want for hallie. lately i've been thinking a lot about how i'm going to teach her everything i want her to know about life and the kind of person to be. isn't it funny to how we go from trying to teach them everyday tasks, like dressing and feeding themselves, then all the sudden one you realize the hard stuff you need to teach hasn't even begun. that's how i feel with hallie right now. but this show's message was on point.

we also ate popcorn and peanut m&ms, so ya know, that made it pretty great, too. :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

kindergarten bound.

 we finally got hallie's kindergarten shots this week. for support, she had dolly and the hope of going out to lunch if she was really brave. ah, bribery. :) she did great. so proud of who she's becoming.

hallie always has a bounce in her step and a smile on her face. she has become my best helper and has a heart of gold. i honestly can't believe she'll be headed to kindergarten in just a few short months. she will love it and thrive there, she loves to learn and ask questions. (i'm sure her teacher will really appreciate that! haha)  i'm excited for her, but oh, how we will miss her!

she's my curly-haired-leopard-shoes-wearing-stuffed-animal-mama-rock-collecting-mario-playing-knock-knock-joke-telling-ballet-practicing-sweetheart. ♥♥♥♥♥

i'll love her forever and ever and ever.

and ever. :)

new ride.

for the sake of record keeping, (you know i feel about record keeping!) i should mention we got a new ride. you see, mark has always said when we got a bigger car, he didn't want to mess around with a crossover, instead he wanted to just go for it and get a suburban so he could tow, he's a man who appreciates the ability to tow stuff. :)

so he found this beast on ksl, it also has a natural gas tank, so it's affordable to drive. both of us grew up in suburban owning families, and now i just feel super old and like a legit adult, ya know? it's weird. but hey, i kinda wanna fill that thing up with children now. hehe. hallie's been pretty darn obsessed with it. let's just say she's a fan of the dvd player. :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

boston's busy day.

he starts his day by crawling away from me at lightning speed while (trying) to get him dressed. yes, he gets stuck under a table, but that is a far better fate than having to put pants on.

he eats so many meals a day. i swear. it's my fault, because it's easier to put him in his high chair than having him scream in the living room while i clean the kitchen because he thinks i'm eating food and not sharing with him.

also, i CURSE my phone for not focusing on that darling face. i am shaking my fist in fury over this other-wise perfect picture of him.

 guess who he's smiling at! hint: it's not his mother. :(

after every mini-meal, as soon as i put him down, he races me to his high chair to see if he can score any crumbs before they get swept up. it's sort of like having a dog, only better and more work. but definitely better.

when i fold the laundry, it is his job to unfold every pile. his job. it's really helpful. he takes special interest in making sure the bibs are never folded.

sometimes he's tired before his afternoon nap time, so i lay him down in his bouncer, get him cozy with his blanket and bink. the next time i turn around: fail. epic fail.

after his last nap of the day, he wakes up with an exploding diaper. so yes, it's only 6 o'clock, but batman jammies it is. and then of course he crawls away as fast as can. probably to check for crumbs under his high chair or get stuck under a table somewhere...
nope! just heading to his toy corner to spill the contents of his basket. multiple times a day this happens.

he is becoming a handful these days, but is so happy and fun. and really, this is the easy part. it's age 2 i'm a little concerned about. :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

spring and children and everything else good in the world.

 ^^^he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open, soooo bright out here after spending all winter inside!^^^

 ^^^i'm going to pose my children like this no matter how big boston gets. he'll love it, i'm sure. :)^^^
it feels like spring around here and we are all sorts of happy about it. this weekend was full of everything good in the world: shopping date with hallie, (hallie said, "i love when the girls go shopping and the boys stay home." and so do i!) 70 degree weather, redbox movies, family dinner date out, avoiding weekend chores, late night conversations, homemade brownies, coming home from church to a crock pot full of barbecue chicken, and the fact that even survived church with that boston boy was sort of a miracle. :)