Thursday, April 19, 2018

boston's story part 5

fall 2016

we kept up with all his therapies and abc class all summer and by about november he was starting to get a LITTLE more comfortable with abc class. about this time, he was tested once more by an occupational therapist named joy. we added her to our list of therapists. she helped with some of his anxieties and sensory issues. joy was very knowledgeable and was the kind of person who let boston come to her instead of trying too hard. he really appreciates that in a person. :)

during these few months we reached our one year mark with up to three. he finally learning to point and another milestone that happened during this time was he started saying the word "star," his first ever word and not only could he say it, he could find star shapes EVERYWHERE. he was always pointing them out and it felt like a real victory. 

but soon he stopped saying star and we couldn't get him to say it again for a loooong time. i have no idea why, only that it's common for kids with autism to "lose" words. but soon after he stopped saying star, he started saying "mama" and let me tell you nothing in the world compared to hearing that for the first time. for a minute we were worried he was going to be nonverbal, because it had been a YEAR of working so hard with him without any words, so when he started saying mama, it was the biggest thrill. ♥

another reason writing boston's story down is necessary: these memories make me so so thankful for how far he's come. i'm so proud of him. ♥ ♥ ♥

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

boston's story part 4

summer 2016

once we started therapy with his autism specialist, we also started abc class and that's when things got wild. :) appointments all the dang time, still wasn't warming up to either therapists and abc class felt close to torture for both of us. that's when we decided it was time to move! haha we bought our house and the hardest part of moving was leaving the up to three people. it was so hard to say good bye and i was seriously worried about what the brigham up to three would be like.

after the move, we settled in nicely with a new service coordinator, a new speech therapist, a new autism specialist, and a whole new abc class, building, and routine. the brigham program was a little more laid back and lenient with some of the routines and requirements for the kids. i appreciated that a lot (boston did too) and i really came to enjoy getting to know the people who ran it. boston still struggled hard, often tantruming or crying in the corner or avoiding contact with anyone.

at this point i started realizing at abc class that boston seemed to be more severely delayed than the other kids. at snack time, all of the other kids were expected to say "more please" if they wanted a cracker, but boston still didn't have any words so they expected eye contact or a gesture from him. in the whole two years we went to abc class, a lot of kids came and went but i never saw one who had as hard of a time as boston. it was a harsh reminder every week of our reality.

Monday, April 16, 2018

spring break and other snapshots

 ///mark doing homework and boston wanting to play///
///the most thoughtful sister in law dropped off autism awareness cookies///

 ///his lunch erryday///
///that clean house on a saturday night feeling///

 ///last week when boston fell asleep in church and my mom held his head up haha///
///my cute family///

 ///it's pina colada slurpee season!///
///kicking off spring break at the castle park!///

 ///his other flannel was dirty but don't worry, he found his one///
///those cousins who are also bffs///


 ///this park is the actual bomb///

 ///such a perfect afternoon///
///a different park the next day where the flannel made a come BACK *rolls eyes*///

 ///gonna hide that thing asap haha///
///always has to explore///

 ///when auggie and ever came to play///
///light saber fights in pjs///

 ///lazy mornings playing guess who///
///ever came to play///

 ///hallie was theee best helper///
///chill mornings are everything///

ah we had a great spring break this year! played outside, went to parks, watched the greatest showman on the daily, celebrated maddy's birthday with a night out, took the kids to mcdonald's with grammy and ever, stayed up late, slept in late, ate out too much. (OOPS)

now here i am in a silent house and about to tackle the cleaning i was supposed to do over spring break but never got around to?? oh well, completely worth it because we had a great one. ugh, makes me so excited for summer!

Friday, April 13, 2018

boston's story part 3

spring 2016

after the hearing testing debacle, we kept going with speech therapy and i started a class on campus called, "it takes two to talk." it was every friday morning, there were several other moms of kids who were also in speech therapy and it was taught by the therapists from up to 3. they provided a babysitter, and of course boston hated it. haha i learned a lot from the class, but it was hard to apply anything because boston was much further behind all the other kids with language. other moms would come back with success stories from the previous lesson and i took it a little too hard that boston was still completely nonverbal. a friend i made in the class was trying to teach her one year old to say different animal names and i was trying to teach mine to point or wave. they were two months apart in age. :(

while i was taking the class, our therapist suggested he be tested again to see if he qualified for an autism specialist. she said something like, "he's showing a lot of red flags that need to be looked further into." i was like WHAT. HE DOESN'T HAVE AUTISM. but janel came and tested him and after talking with her about some of the major sings of autism, i started seeing them in his behavior a lot. when we met to go over the test results with everyone on his case, it was brutal. the hardest meeting i had up to that point.

they basically said look, boston is doing this, this and this and these are all common behaviors for kids with autism and adhd. that doesn't mean he has either but he needs more intervention, and the sooner the better. they were VERY kind about it. i cried because that was the first time anyone actually said it to my face. that was the first time i realized that it was real and that there was a good chance he had autism.