Friday, January 13, 2017


 ///boston's go-to move when he isn't getting what he wants///
///reading books while mama makes the rounds cleaning the house///

///found this little gem on craigslist for a steal///
///boston likes staring at himself in the mirror, it's the cutest///

 ///ready for another day of school///
///hallie being hallie///

 ///she set up a beauty salon for barbie while i braided her hair///
///bedtime stories///

 ///when she chooses her own outfit and asks you take a picture///
///took hallie's lunch to her and boston walked the halls like he owned the place///

 ///this was the cutest moment between them///

 ///she burps that baby like an old pro///
///there's just something about a girl and her doll///

 ///our tree is still up haha reminds me of this year///
///setting the table for dinner ♥///

thank heaven it's the weekend! i need some late night netflix and sleeping in and maybe eating food i didn't prepare. yeah, sounds like the perfect weekend. oh and maybe get rid of our tree finally?!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

i'll take another christmas break, please.

i miss this! i miss watching movies with kids every night and sleeping in every morning. i miss letting hallie sleep in the teepee and watching the kids play with their new toys in their pjs every morning. i miss having mark home and the fire roaring. i miss the good food and staying up late watching netflix. i miss it alllll! but it was so, so good and the thing that makes it ok that it's over is the fact that i have all these photos to look back on and remember it by. that makes me happy. ♥

ps we HAVE had two snow days in the last two weeks, so finally getting back to a good routine is pretty alright too. :)

Monday, January 9, 2017

the cabin after christmas.

one of the things that makes it okay that christmas is over, is that we always head up to my parent's cabin for even more relaxing and celebrating. this year mark had to work at the end of the week, so the kids and i went up with my mom and sister, with other family coming and going. we played a looot of uno, (hallie got it in her stocking and she's obsessed.) played with cousins, ate (probably too much) gooood food, had late night chats, visited with my grandparents, went sledding, and just relaxed. i know i've said it before, but the cabin is the best present my parent's could ever give us!

 playtime in the loft is always the best!

hallie and anna worked on this game for a solid hour. love their little friendship.
boston would rather feed ME his yogurt and he ate every orange and apple insight.

kids loooove my grandpa! boston doesn't play catch with just anyone, but he sure warmed up to grandpa quickly.
 i love that view so much.
oh, boston boy.

baby indie is just a little ball of joy to us.
boston fell asleep in my arms. !!!!

 these two have fun together!
and sometimes fight over barbie toys, whatchagonnado??

 hallie went sledding with the grownups and was a real trooper.

 i love these memories we made.

 we were almost out of daylight, but that didn't stop us.

uncle of the year for pulling hallie up a loooong, steep hill! and for taking us around the mountain on the sketch ice-covered roads. i guess you could say we like him. :)

 hallie loved watching everyone sled down the hill almost as much as going down herself.

it ended with two tired, happy kids. ♥