Thursday, July 28, 2016

the first two weeks.

today it's been two weeks since we started staying at our house. (!!!) these two weeks have been FULL. full of unpacking, (just when you thing you've unpacked EVERYTHING, another box always appears, i swear) exploring our yard, (only saw one LARGE snake, so awesome) playing with cousins a LOT, enjoying many a sunset, decorating, (!!!!) hallie got to dress up like a pioneer for a primary activity, lots of visits from family, trying to squeeze ALLL the summer activities in, (snow cones! park days! pool days! WHEW) so far it's been really good. we have found a good routine and for the most part it's been a much easier adjustment than last year when we moved. the hardest part has been boston's sleeping situation. just like last year, his schedule has got thrown WAY off and he wakes up at least once a night and sometimes stays a wake for 1-2 hours, just sitting in his crib talking and singing and sometimes yelling. long siiiiigh. but i know we'll get it! luckily he still takes naps, so i do too, obvi. :)

mostly i am so thankful for how this whole thing went down. if you had told me last year that in a year we would be buying a house down the street from my sister and around the block from my parents, with my other two sisters in the same town, i woulda laughed hysterically and called you a crazy person. :) never in a million years would i imagine such a wonderful thing to happen to us. sometimes i still don't believe it really happened, but then i look around and SMILE. ♥

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

f h e

we always love spending monday nights as a family, i mean let's be honest it doesn't always go smoothly, (last week boston was out of control and galloped yelling loudly in circles around me the entire time. awesome.) but no matter, i'm always happy we did it. this week we read from the friend, took a walk to the church and let the kids run wild, then came home and had ice cream cones on the balcony. it was a really fun evening and i'm happy that the chaos of moving is slowing down and we are really starting to be able to sit back and enjoy our home and family.♥

Monday, July 25, 2016

the house.

just a few photos i snapped after we finished painting and scrubbed the wood floors, but before we moved in. i am so happy to be the proud owner of original hard wood floors. haha i just love them. like, i can't stop staring at them or saying how much i love them. mark teases me about it daily, but it's true! i love them! also can't get over our view or how much i love seeing my kids on the balcony. it's their favorite spot and i must admit i have waaaaay too many photos of them on it already. oops. :) also the sunsets have been like, amazing and we watch them from our balcony (usually while eating an ice cream cone, and off topic: but SUMMER DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME!) and i might gush a little bit about how very happy i am here. like, really really happy. :)

Thursday, July 21, 2016

mark's birthday

^^^i asked hallie to snap a photo of us as were headed to dinner and boston's in the background of EVERY SINGLE ONE haha^^^

mark had a birthday! and his birthday was the day we unloaded allll our furniture! happy birthday mark, you get to celebrate by lifting almost all our belongings out of a trailer! haha it was actually a really good day. the day we FINALLY wrapped up the painting, he had the day off work and it was a cool 75 degrees, almost unheard of summer weather, perfect for moving day. since he had the day off, my mom and suzy watched our kids and mark and i unloaded. i was proud! :) after the furniture trailer was empty (yeah, there was a whole other trailer of boxes of EVERYTHING else) we got ready and had a proper birthday dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant, then to a few stores (TARGET WITH NO CHILDREN!!!). my very kind parents kept our kids so it was a lovely date! i mean, what more can you ask for a birthday than a new house and a delicious mexican meal??

that one time boston spilled the paint.

the week after we closed on our new home, we began painting almost the entire main level. one morning while hallie was at ballet camp, i decided to go start some trim paint with boston. it was going so well. mark called and i told him boston was being so good and playing on the balcony and that i was gonna get SO MUCH DONE! well about two second later, there was a large, gray puddle of paint in the middle of the floor! luckily it was on an old rug we weren't going to be using. so i was like, it's okay! breathe, we just gotta get outta here before it gets worse. so i went to get boston's shoes, which he had thrown off the balcony onto the lawn below (it's his new favorite hobby) i walked back in the house just in time to see boston running and sliding in the paint, just like he was sliding onto home plate. it was ALLLLLL OVER. his shorts were ruined and his feet, up to his knees were COVERED in paint. (like, the paint is still wearing off his toenails haha) it took days to wear off his skin, even with the two-a-day baths i was giving him. shaking my head. THAT KID. the thing is, as i was pouring the paint, i was like i better secure this lid tight. WHICH I DID. the lid was still on, i guess he must've been swinging the can until the paint seeped out. so lesson learned: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE BOSTON. haha don't worry i can laugh about it now, even though the paint seeped through the old rug onto the original hardwood floors and i spent hours carefully scraping it off. loooooong siiiiiiiigh. it was pretty funny though, because he was very remorseful and seemed pretty embarrassed to have paint on his skin. note above photo, :)

from that day on, i only painted when boston was napping or at night when he was asleep. :)