Wednesday, March 22, 2017

boston on a red tricycle

that smile though! boston loves spring and i think it loves him right back. ♥

Monday, March 20, 2017

on a saturday afternoon at the park.

on saturday, we dragged our kids to like, five furniture stores in search of a new couch. they were troopers and there was only one meltdown over a red balloon, so, that's a win in our book. :) we took them to a really fun castle park afterward to thank them for being such good kids. it was fun to watch them run wild. i mean, did boston fall about five feet while climbing? the answer to that question is YES. he hopped right up and kept on climbing. (palm, meet forehead) i mean, heaven forbid he actually play in the toddler area! he gives me mini heart attacks everyday. long sigh. after we had dinner out and it was a fun day spent together.

 when we got home, mark worked in the backyard for a while, and since the kids were out there with him, i hurried and gave the house a nice cleaning and it was the best saturday cleaning experience i've had in a long time. when we put the kids to bed, the house still looked like this! so maybe saturday night chores is where it's at? *shrugs*