Friday, September 23, 2016

buh-bye week.

///her leaf collection///
///just happy to be outside///

 ///perfect orange leaf///
///those three ♥ ♥ ♥///

///sorry your face got cut off, boston///
///new jammies that i died over///

///ready for school in an outfit she chose///
///boston's room got some love after 2+ months///

///when you check on your kids and they've abandoned their bed///

///i adore those slow mornings with boston///
///sometimes at sunset, the mountains turn pink and I LOVE IT///

///when your mom says you need a nap, the best way to prove her wrong is laying on the floor screaming///

///I CAN'T RIGHT NOW, like is he going off to his first job because he looks like A MAN AND I'M NOT OK WITH IT///
///any day she can use an umbrella is a good day///

Thursday, September 22, 2016

happy fall y'all.

it's fall today and I'M FEELING IT! it's overcast and finally cool. (after 90 degree temps earlier this week!) hallie was super excited to celebrate fall at school and boston and i are heading to the grocery store to get ingredients for some cozy, comfort food.

i'm so excited to experience our first fall in our house. i've been watching our tree like a hawk, wondering what it will look like once its leaves change. (and dreading raking the 5 billion leaves it will surely shed haha) we've also been seeing all sorts of wildlife on the mountain. and a chipmunk the size of a small dog that almost gave me a heart attack, sitting on a big rock in our backyard. YIKES! haha but it's so cozy and i never tire of that mountain view!

happy fall! bake something pumpkin or wear a cozy sweater or paint your nails black or something else cliche! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

run, don't walk to the mountains!

over the weekend i went to the mountains with my family and they let me take their pictures to my heart's content. that's basically my DREAM. haha it was really fun though and the colors were perfect! hallie was collecting leaves and oohing and aahing over all the bright colors and boston wasn't sure if it was a trick or not, us letting him run wild in the mountains, but he definitely enjoyed himself and mark only had to chase after him like twice, so that's a win in our book. :) exploring the outdoors on a sunday evening is always a good idea.

does fall make anyone else extra nostalgic for years gone by? we've been going to the mountains every fall since hallie was tiny, and every year life just keeps getting better and better, but it's still so bittersweet looking back at all the photos from those years that i will never get back. some of my favorites are here, here and here.

long sigh, 'cause it's a bittersweet symphony, this life.

yeah, i just stole that from the 90s song, whatever.

Monday, September 19, 2016

relaxed and refreshed.

this weekend we had... i'm not sure what to call it? a mom and sister sleepover? anyway, no matter the name, we left our kids home with their fathers (except baby indie of course) and headed up to the cabin for one night of stress-free girl time. (we REALLLLY missed our sister cami who couldn't make it this time. it just wasn't the same without her. but there's always next time!)

i missed mark and our kids big time (literally we were gone for 24 hours haha) BUT i came home so excited to get back to life with them. i came home and suddenly boston dumping water on the floor wasn't as big of a deal and hallie whining about boston taking her toy didn't get to me at all. i go back and forth between really believing moms need a break every once in a while and then feeling insanely guilty every time i actually take a break. guilt aside, i'm happy i got a night away because now i am more than ready to take on the week and get back to our routine and life with my little family.

mark told me that saturday morning hallie said, "so we get to spend the WHOLE day with just YOU??? that's never happened before!" i think it was good for everyone. the kids got to eat too many treats and go to mcdonalds and have root beer floats right before bed (kills me inside a little to type that! ha) and have quality time with their dad and i got to have quality time with my mom and sisters AND SLEEP IN UNTIL 8 AM. so, yeah the weekend was amazing but i'm so happy to be right where i am, home taking care of my family. ♥

Friday, September 16, 2016

the past two weeks according to my iphone

 ///always on the hunt for a snack///
///a walk before bedtime///

 ///bike riding for halliegirl///
///she always shops to look at the flowers///

 ///this view though///
///these two cuties!///

///cousin time is the best time///

 ///little darling///
///walking to grammy's///

 ///she's a fan///
///knock knock///

 ///me & bos///
///we walked home at dusk and it was basically perfect///

 ///i don't think she likes school at all///
///little brother was out///

 ///we take our food very seriously///
///a milkshake is always a good idea///

 ///PEACH DAYS minus our girl cami///
///don't mind me and my twin///

 ///boston's room in the afternoon///
///basically i just have a lot of random photos of my house?///

 ///playtime before school///
///the pony house is the hot toy of the moment at our house///

 ///when did she start college???///
///a clean playroom with a place for every toy makes me a lot happier than it should haha///

///i narrowed it down from 4, but couldn't choose just one///

 ///his third breakfast of the day///
///right before he got a hair cut and his world was never the same///

 ///when you're throwing a tantrum at the bottom of the stairs///
 ///halliegirl ready for another day of first grade///
 ///after a rainstorm///
///looking sharp with his new 'do///

 ///just a bathroom selfie///
///it's friday!///

 ///our little fireman///
///cutie at bedtime///