Tuesday, June 19, 2018

summer sundays.

i made my family pose for a picture after church on sunday because i haven't in a long time and i just left like i needed photographic evidence of this day that i can look back on for the rest of time. good reason for a picture, amiright? i love sundays with these people. ♥

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

10 years later.

last week we celebrated TEN YEARS OF MARRIAGE. HOLY WE ARE OLD. haha we had planned to go on a getaway for our anniversary but when it came down to it, we couldn't decide where to go and since we just went last month with the kids we chose to stay home and get tickets to a summer concert we wanted to see instead. we're thinking about going on a trip next year for our anniversary because 11 years is a big deal too?? :)

on our anniversary i found the sweetest note and a bar necklace i had been wanting forever in a small box. I AM SO LUCKY. we went to dinner at the timbermine and had a lovely evening out together, we got mountain dew and steak and cheesecake for dessert. what more could we even ask for?? it was perfect.
what made it even more perfect was getting this pic from savannah who stayed with our kids AND got them a fun treat. they had a blast and boston has already said, "i think suzy needs to babysit us." haha

i honestly can't believe it's been a decade that we've been married. it has went so fast and been so happy. at dinner we talked about the very best things that have happened these last ten years and of course at the top of that list was these two little darlings. ♥ we have a beautiful life together.

Friday, June 8, 2018

first week of summer

the first week of summer has been PERFECT. we hit the pool, tried a new burger joint on a saturday night, played with cousins, went to the park, ate too many popsicles, finished watching all the harry potter movies, (an accomplishment) stayed up late, took naps. it's been pretty epic.

it's so nice to have the kids home, we've had so much fun and they've gotten along really well for at least the first seven days. haha so many fun things to look forward to. i gotta say, i live for summer.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

grandma jones, the spitfire

this is grandma jones. she's in her upper 90s and she's not your typical grandma. like, her pet name for us kids used to be "little sh*ts." so, there's that. haha i think i learned almost every curse word from her. she was also known to feed the babies coffee when my mom turned her back. haha and i'm pretty sure she let me watch pretty woman with her when i was in kindergarten.

even more than the swearing or the contraband coffee, i remember so many times coming home from elementary school to see her blue buick parked in front of the house and walking in to find her folding laundry with my mom or out in the garden, picking raspberries and cursing the dog. :) she was there for every christmas morning, birthday celebration and cooked us so many sunday dinners. she loves pizza and there used to be a pizza joint on main street she would take us to on saturday nights. she always had mentos in her purse and a used tissue in her pocket. (y tho haha) when i was really little, she would babysit me occasionally and even though my mom told her not to, she would always take me to seven eleven to get a slurpee. she is wrapped up in so many of my childhood memories.

i try to visit her once a week, sometimes she recognizes me as one of paul's daughters, and sometimes she says, "WHO THE HELL????" haha sometimes she rambles nonsensical things and insists on holding a lunch tray for unknown reasons and sometimes, like this past sunday, she talks about her hawaiian vacations or her children or when she was a nurse. i love those times so much, when i can see her old self in there. sometimes i walk in her room and she looks happy to see me and says, "well, HELLO" just like she used to. then i know it's really her today.

last week i found her sitting at a table trying to do a puzzle, but her hands just don't move like they used to. i sat by her and we finished it together.

one of the most beautiful things, is being able to serve someone who served you. i'm trying my best to pay her back for all those slurpee trips and sunday dinners.♥

Thursday, May 31, 2018

memorial 2018

we had a fun, relaxed memorial day this year. mark had to work until late afternoon, so the kids and i went on a bike ride and got slurpees (of course) then had a nap because cabin. :) just as it was about to rain, we went to dinner at a local burger joint that we love but don't make it to very often, and after dinner mark took hallie to see the new solo star wars movie. boston and i stayed home so he could get to bed at decent time because he needed that desperately. :)

i can't believe we are to the last couple days of school. boston is at his very last day and hallie's having field day, then has half a day tomorrow. THEN SUMMER. wow. can't wait to live the good life this summer!

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

weekend at the cabin

memorial weekend traditions:
+cabin trip is a must
+hot dog roast, always
+pile as many kids as possible into the wagon
+evening four wheeler rides are a given
+games into the night
+play, play, play for the kids

mark always goes to idaho with his dad to help decorate headstones, which i think is really sweet. since the cabin isn't far, we meet up after they're done and he comes back to the cabin. this year, a nice brother in law volunteered to meet him and when they got back, i was sitting in a grove of trees with a tantruming boston and mark came and sat by us and helped me calm him down. and i was like, i love you never leave me again. haha boston pulled it together and we had a fun evening. no one i would rather calm boston down with than mark. ♥

we had a great weekend and came home on sunday evening tired and happy.