Monday, August 31, 2015

end of summer adventures according to my iphone

 ///boston was pretty much creating mischief the whole time, but he sure was cute while doing it///
 ///last pool day of the summer :(///
 ///little sister does the best gel nails e v e r///
 ///school shopping with our big kindergarteners///
///primary activity with navy///
 ///racing down the slides was THE thing///
 ///love those older cousins///
///right before boston stole one of my sister's m&m cookies (insert embarrassed emoji)///
 ///me and hal headed to back to school night///
///my sister watched boston and i THINK he might've had fun :)///
 ///food = business///
///savannah gets a metal for being best aunt ever///
 ///morning cartoons///
///boston loved the bus///
 ///fiiz is YES///
///i mean, that sugar cookie!///
 ///boston ran out of clean jammies, so i did the practical think and bought him clean ones. ha///
///playing with the dream dollhouse at sunset///
 ///walking home from church with cousins, the hand holding just kills me///
///story time with grammy///
 ///bike ride with sibs! missing cami, but she had a good reason. nine months pregnant = good reason///
///that time my parents treated allllll of us to the best burger on planet earth///

ps while we were staying at my parent's mr. boston decided it was finally time to start walking! i'm scared of the new mischief, but happy i don't always have to lug that 30+ pound baby around!

Friday, August 28, 2015

back at mama's

we had the best time at my parent's last week. it was the perfect way to end summer and relax from the stresses of moving and selling our house. it was crazy how quickly i felt like that place was my home again. we basically did everything in the space of a week. can't wait to post more of our adventures soon, but for now here are some photos of the lovely evenings we spent outside!

^^^boston's face^^^

Thursday, August 27, 2015


^^^the first time hallie saw her new room, she looooved it^^^

whew! what a crazy couple of weeks it's been! our week of fun at my parent's came to an end, and we got settled in our new place juuuust in time for hallie to start kindergarten. (i would be sad if she wasn't so dang happy and excited about it!) we said goodbye to our old house in the country and it was bittersweet, but i know we are where we are supposed to be and i'm reeeeally excited for the next chapter. we are still unpacking and going through boxes, but we are happy and i'm starting to make this place feel like home. and i looooove decorating a new space!

right now i'm feeling so grateful for how everything went down. there were a few hiccups with selling our house (as there always is) but it all fell into place in the end. we had so much help moving, from parents (um, hello letting us stay at their house for 10 day!) and brothers (unloading that semi trailer!) and never underestimate the moral/emotional support of my sisters! ha but seriously! :)

i'm back for good on this blog, i have so much to say and post. come back?

Thursday, August 20, 2015

just my girl on a country road. (cue tears)

of course i had to take one last group of photos of hallie on our country road. this is where she has grown up, where she rode her bike and bounced her ball and drew her masterpieces with sidewalk chalk. this is where we blew bubbles and collected rocks and picked dandelions. this is where we built snowmen and threw leaves and watched for the first signs of spring. this is where i have taken countless photos of her through the years. this is the only home she remembers and i'd be lying if i said that doesn't make me a little sentimental.

we are out of our house and staying at my parents, waiting to sign papers at closing and for our new place to be ready next week. this week has been busy and so fun and i can't wait to blog about all our last-of-summer adventures with our family. ♥

Thursday, August 13, 2015


^^^one saturday when we had big plans for getting soooo much done... then ended up playing catch, taking a nap, then going to dinner. literally, we left the front room like that. haha it was just too much, too soon.:)^^^

packing is not fun. EVER. it can be so overwhelming, the good news is, i had some help with the kids' rooms, (what i was dreading the most) and i feel like we are well on our way to having all our possessions packed into one 53 foot long trailer. it's weird and sentimental seeing the kids' rooms almost completely empty. my closet it also empty which was quite a feat considering the amount of clothes and shoes i own. next up is kitchen and bathroom!

right now i'm wanting to drown my sorrows in guacamole and a dirty dr pepper.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

halliegirl lost a tooth!

verrrry proud!
(ps it was getting a little dark and it goes against my photography morals to use a flash. haha i'm over here like, i spent sooooo long learning to shoot in manual, i don't care how much the sun is setting! will.not.use.flash.EVER. sooo it's a little grainy.)

annnnnyway, hallie had been complaining her tooth hurt and i was about to call the dentist. then we had dinner at my parents and my mom said, "maybe she has a loose tooth." duh. it didn't even dawn on me that that could be it. no way is my child old enough lose teeth! ahem, rookie parent over here.

apparently SOMEONE (looking at you, mark) told her it hurt when up lose your teeth. haha so after a few meals of only chocolate milk (oops) i convinced her it would feel better if it came out, then she could eat all the goldfish crackers she wanted. haha it was a little traumatic. but then she brought it to me and said, "mom, i just pulled it out and it didn't even hurt an ittsy bit!" she is pretty dang excited to have a visit from the toothfairy.

now quit growing up, halliegirl!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

this is happening.

the time has come for us to leave our little gray house in the country. :( i've pretty much felt every emotion possible the past couple months as we have prepared to put it on the market, had 20+ showings, accepted an offer, and are now packing up and preparing to be out in a week. i have lost my chill multiple times through this whole process! haha i've been listening to a lot of dashboard and keane because they always get me. :)

(luckily i have a dad who has alllll the hookups and parked this beast in our driveway to move/store all our crap in for the next few weeks until our new place is ready.)

all i can say is, it's been a rollercoaster. i feel so right about the changes coming our way, i'm excited for a new adventure! but that doesn't change the cold hard fact: MOVING is hard. LEAVING is hard. CHANGE is extra hard. i will so miss my children's room, with the peaked ceilings, the paint colors i chose just for them, the things i collected to make their space homey and inviting. i will soooo miss my gray walls. (haha so silly of me, but it's true!) i will miss the floors that mark and i chose and installed ourselves. i will miss our big tree that sheds its perfect leaves each fall. i will miss decorating our christmas tree in the living room and seeing it in the front window when i pull in the driveway. i will miss our routines here and our life here.

most of all, i will miss the friendships we made while living here. it's SO tough to leave friends and neighbors and teachers and ward members. i have decided that i could NEVER be a gypsy. i need to grow roots and have a village i can depend on. we had that here and i think that's what makes it so hard and scary to leave.

we have done sooo much growing and changing and learning here. so many rich experiences, both good and bad. (bad can be summed up in one word- RODENTS haha) it's so funny how your can feel so settled one day and the next you can just KNOW it's time to move on. that's how it was for us, and once that feeling comes, it's hard to ignore.

so we are saying good-bye and probably ugly crying a lot this week. :)