Wednesday, February 3, 2016

snaps from a long, cold winter

 ///she's very serious about practicing her letters///
///this photo of boston is everything. it's so HIM///
 ///i guess if there's one good thing about winter it's that it's not bad to look at sometimes///
///he's chomping at the bit to play mario and i can't wait to teach him///
 ///winter clothes, blah and also i like mom jeans///
///pretty excited about her gogurt and i finally put some art up that makes me happy///
 ///doing his baby work, but don't tell him it's baby work because that would be so offensive to him///
 ///he loves his raisins///
///saying night night! praise nap time!!!!///
 ///i just CAN'T///
///that baby bum///
 ///when he flashes this smile and i almost forget he was about to climb on the keyboard. ALMOST.///
///hallie's room was clean! it stayed clean for approximately 2.59874125 seconds///
 ///tried out the new burger joint and the baby ice cream cones were a hit///
///after running too many errands, dum dums are the way to go///
 ///FOG, UGH///
///binkie hoarder///
 ///completely normal///
///art time///
 ///multitasking: reading and giving me major hair envy///
///after the big storm, i love when the snow stays on the trees like that///
///playing and making messes as per usual. and thank goodness that black and red bunting is taken down, it depresses me to no end///
///grocery shopping when it's colder than the north pole. awesome.///

how is this winter going? it's LONG. it's COLD. it's BRUTAL. haha not that i'm one to be dramatic, but whoa! trying to remember that spring is around the corner and even though this is, like THE hardest time of year, we still have a lot going for us and a lot to be happy about! mostly happy that i have these two rascals to keep me company all winter.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

come back to me, toddler hallie!

just a round up of (some) of my very favorites. sure have been missing the toddler version of hallie lately and the simplicity of life at that time. back when princess dresses were life and her and i were inseparable. these days her curls are grown out, she's reading, and kindergarten has her heart in a big way. she plays with friends (instead of me?!? HOW RUDE!) and only wears dresses on sunday. :( i never thought i'd see the day she didn't want to wear dresses day after day. i'm one proud mama, but i wouldn't mind turning the clock back and reliving just a day with toddler hallie. i don't think i'll ever get over how quickly she went and grew up on me.

also to be filed under things i miss: going outside without being frozen to the bone.

Monday, February 1, 2016

quiet weekend in.

mark had to work on saturday and it was dumping snow, so i didn't have very high expectations. but it ended up being just the day we needed. we lounged in our pjs, cleaned the house, went through hallie's clothes, (it seems she has outgrown half her clothes in the last few months! yikes, quit growin, halliegirl!) before nap time, we pulled the little table and chairs into the living room and ate lunch while we watched full house. (finally bought the complete series and it was the best money i ever spent) you really woulda thought it was the most exciting thing ever. it reminded me how little, simple things can go a long way in making the day seem a little special. mark finally made it home on the terrible roads and i was so happy to see him. we whipped up some breakfast for dinner and i was extremely content to be in our cozy home with my family.

hallie and boston had a terrible cough on sunday, so i braved the snowy roads alone. (and literally woulda gotten stuck if we didn't have 4wheel drive!) this winter is not messing around. :)

 ^^^leftover pizza and full house, no saturday could be better^^^
 ^^^did i put root beer in a pink sippy cup? maybe. classic episode and will i ever outgrow my uncle jesse crush?^^^
^^^oh, no big deal, just a snow pile taller than me...^^^

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


this year i'm trying to document something every sunday. i really do love sundays, they are usually so good. but just to be honest, (i'm keeping this record for my family and i wanna keep it real) they can also be really hard days. usually they are lovely, peaceful, gratitude-filled days, but every once in a blue moon, the switch flips and one random sunday will be a terrible day where nothing goes right. i think it has to do with getting the kids to church, squeezing in a sunday nap (i'm a firm believer that a sunday nap is a basic human right. haha and if you take away my sunday nap, you basically take away my will to live) and maybe just the fact that our routine is off? but the good ones always way outnumber the bad, and for that i'm very thankful. :)

on this particular sunday, both our kids threw tantrums over church clothes before 10 am. woof. sundays are always hard on hallie for some strange reason. she loooooves going to church and primary, but getting there (mostly getting dressed to get there) can be a real struggle. something about sunday morning always means she has a little extra sass and attitude. this week boston also flipped out because i put a tie on him and he literally acted like it was a noose. that is not a dramatization. he had a come apart over the dang tie and eventually i gave up and took it off and replaced it with a sweater. (which also led to a mini tantrum, because apparently clothes were not okay on this day.) of course mark worked really hard to for me to get a photo. because that tie! it is so cuuuuuute!!!!

whatever. we all found clothing that was acceptable and made it to church. the most ironic part was that after all i went through to get my kids dressed and how annoyed i was at how picky they both were being, i went to get myself dressed and could not find anything to wear! literally, nothing was working out and i tried on like 5 outfits before i found one that i was half comfortable. meanwhile, mark was sitting on the couch waiting to go with this smug look on his face. and i walked out and said, don't say a word! haha, only now can i find the humor in this situation, but at the moment it was very dramatic and we were most definitely very late for church.

ps mark and i have the "all you have to do is pick a tie! it's so much harder for girls to get dressed for church!" conversation like, WEEKLY. haha :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

weekend extended.

mark had the day off yesterday and it was weird and awesome. he never has random days off during the week unless he works saturday or uses a vacation day. (yup, he's working saturday) still, it was so nice to have an extra day of the weekend. we slept in, (of course our kids woke up early on the actual weekend, but monday morning when we had to get up for school anyway, i had to drag them out of bed at 8:30) went to my favorite sandwich shop for lunch, took an afternoon nap, and best part, mark watched boston during ballet so i didn't have to haul him around and get a dead arm in the process. :)

sometimes i think about what it would be like to have mark home more, maybe not working 12 hour days. i wish we could see him more, (doesn't every wife?!?) but i'm very thankful he has a good job, is so good at what he does, and is always willing to work hard for our family. i guess you could say i love him.

i can't still can't get over how good the sandwich was and i guess you could say hallie and boston enjoyed the cinnamon bread. don't get me started on the raspberry cinnamon roll. it was a piece of art and soooo tasty. like, i'm goin back there sooooon!

while we were eating i realized, that we have a lot of good memories at this sandwich shop. it's where i went with my family after my final wedding dress fitting the week before our wedding, mark brought me here after i had kidney stones when i was pregnant with  hallie, we also ate here for lunch right after we signed on our house at the title company next door, also when there last year with my mom and sisters on my birthday. so yeah, we had a little walk down memory lane at great harvest day. it was good. :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

buh-bye high chair.

the highchair phase is officially over. why you ask? well, let me tell you the intricate tale.

boston started standing up in it and trying to crawl out. that should've been enough of a reason for me to get rid of it, but i acted a fool and tried to hold on a little longer. (both for the metaphorical holding on to babyhood and because that high chair was one of the two places in the house i could actually contain him in...)

the other day he stood up while i was unloading the dishwasher, and in his typical teasing way, he laughed and sat down as soon as i saw him standing. unfortunately, when he sat down he managed to squeeze both thighs into only one of the leg holes. and they got stuck. if you've seen the size of his thighs, that won't come as a shock.

when he realized he was stuck, he started whimpering and i went right over to pull him out. only, i couldn't. he was wedged in there tight. after a few minutes of tugging from different angles, he was screaming and of course hallie was in her bedroom bawling her eyes out because anything to do with boston getting hurt spins her emotions out of control. SO MANY FEELLLLLINGS. and all i could think of was having to call the fire department to come extract my manbaby from his high chair. and also, in case of future emergency, who would i call??? i can only imagine alllll the places boston's thighs could get stuck in this vast world.

anyway, i eventually had to lay the high chair down and dump/pull him out, very carefully, of course. thankfully gravity was on my side...  then we had to go to hallie's room and calm her down, we found her very dramatically sobbing on her bed, i wonder where she learned that?

When they realised that best way to express sadness is to throw yourself on the nearest object and dramatically sob.

anyway, high chair is over and i'm sad. :( but i'm happy i have plenty of photographical evidence. and now he sits at the little table with hallie and it's pretty cute.

does he stay sitting on his chair? um, no. does he run away with fists-ful of food and track it all around the house? um, YES, yes he does.


ps i miss my house in those photos! :(