Friday, April 18, 2014

enjoying the spring blossoms while waiting for a baby.

^^^a beautiful spring evening, a happy four year old, trees filled with pink blossoms? does it get better?^^^

what to even say about life these days. it is so good right now. we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our son. at the same time, mark and i have both been taking advantage of one on one time with hallie, enjoying the freedom she allows us. sure we can stop the car to see if the "popcorn" on that tree smells good! (it did.)

hallie is so excited for her baby brother to be born. yesterday she said, "right now there is only one kid in our family. but soon there will be another kid! and i am so decided!" (decided = excited.) she prays for him nightly and keeps asking if my tummy is going to get even bigger!

we are checking things off our "to do before baby" list almost daily, i've been perusing this website to try to find a name we agree on, and mark has been picking up tiny car toys. there is still much to do in the next month, but boy, does having a lot to do make the time go extra fast. the weeks have been flying and sometimes i even wish it would slow down. i will miss being pregnant, but i get butterflies every time i think about meeting our little dude.

Friday, April 11, 2014

a perfect day for sidewalk chalk.

thank heaven for spring! this week has been full of playing outside, riding bikes, drawing with sidewalk chalk, park day with cousins, and a preeeeetty happy curly-haired girl. spring, you are doin it right this year. (uh, or at least this week!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

that one night everything was golden...even my shoes.

this one saturday night after all our work was done, we headed to our favorite burger joint for an old fashioned burger and milkshake. it's a bit of a drive, but we don't mind. in fact, taking a leisurely drive to get a hamburger is a favorite tradition of mine and mark's that goes way back to our dating days. sigh, memories.

but this particular saturday night was pretty darn close to perfect. the golden sunset, the chocolate milkshake, my favorite gold shoes, my expanding tummy, our four-year-old who mostly kept the milkshake for herself, my husband and the easy company he is.

let me just brag for a minute. the other day someone told me that mark is a golden boy. i said i know. he's a golden boy to a lot of people because that's just who he is. and he doesn't even try to be that way, it's just HIM. and boy, do i love him. ♥

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

baby animal days!

i finally took hallie to baby animal days with a friend last week. we went on a tiny train ride, petted multiple animals and came home with cracked skin from all the hand-sanitizer i forced us to use. (insert animal-germ-induced shudder) her favorite was the baby chick she got to hold, i didn't get a picture because i was making sure she didn't squish it to death. yes, not killing the baby animals is key. the bunny was a close second until it scratched her hand and that was the end of that. i'm afraid she now has a bitter vendetta against the black bunny that gave her an "owie." she also loved the baby bears and said, "those baby bears were rascals!" they really were.

Monday, April 7, 2014

on the mend

we caught a stomach bug over the weekend. it wasn't pretty or fun. we happened to be at my parent's cabin, which worked out okay, because that meant my mother could bring me unlimited quantities of 7up and saltines. i felt a little spoiled. especially when my parents gave me their bed in the middle of the night so i could barf up the remains of my dinner in their master bathroom. (TMI??) and thanks mom and dad.

today we are definitely on the mend, but still moving a little slow. while we continue to mend and hopefully get healthy, this is what we're up to:
 hallie is very solemnly watching cartoons with sleeping beauty... in her pjs, of course.
i am under a blanket making a list of things to do before baby is born... also in my pjs, of course.

ps this blog got dusty there for a while. i blame the pregnancy and fatigue and cravings.:) yeah, that sounds legit.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

30 weeks + being grateful

today i am exactly 30 weeks. and it shows. :)

being pregnant ain't easy. but i'm really, really grateful i've been lucky enough to be pregnant with this baby. although the road to get here was tough and i definitely got a small taste of longing and heartache, those hard times only made this pregnancy that much easier to be thankful for. after all, carrying and giving birth and raising children is by far the most important and best thing i will do with my life. and if i've learned one thing, it's that you never know how many chances you get.

so at 30 weeks pregnant, even though i'm starting to waddle, my hands are starting to swell and my back aches something fierce every night, i am so happy to be pregnant!

Monday, March 17, 2014

last week

last week was lovely. it was spent sewing for hours on end, eating good food, playing games at night, staying up late chatting (i think we were all regretting the 1 am bedtime the next morning!) visiting with my grandparents, watching father of the bride, ice cream cones at the local arctic circle, and for those cute little girls: play, play, play! we would not see them for extended periods of time. but the best part is we could hear them in the loft playing barbies, primary, and a bunch of other games grown ups just don't understand. :) we died at some of the things they said and pretended.

we missed mark and our little home, but it sure was fun to get away in the mountains for a few days! as for baby projects, i was pleasantly surprised at how much i was able to accomplish! yay!

ps i would tell you happy st. patricks day, but i pretend this holiday doesn't exist. :)