Tuesday, August 4, 2015

when your baby is sort of a nightmare at church.

we snapped these a few weeks back as we were headed off to church. all was right with the world and  we were happy as clams heading for some spiritual enlightenment.

until we got there. things changed real quick. boston is at suuuch a hard age to take to church. we pretty much wrestle him the whole three hours. he hates sitting still and the more you try, the harder he fights it. he loves to yell, (usually during the prayer) and always wants to play with the people sitting behind us. we're in and out with him the entire time and sometimes i just give up and walk the halls with him, letting him lead the way.

while i was out with him, he was climbing the little stairs in the hall and i sat down and felt so defeated. i shoulda just stayed home in my pjs and let boston nap, i thought. why put in the effort of going to church if you're in the halls the entire time? 

but then i peeked in the primary room and saw hallie sitting there like a little angel, (thank heavens one of our children behaves!) listening intently. then mark came and got boston so i go to relief society. then i remembered that it just. doesn't. matter. 

even if i am in the halls chasing naughty baby the entire time, at least i went. that's gotta count for something.

Friday, July 31, 2015

bye bye bottle

we took boston's bottles away this week. i have mixed feelings about it, because he is still such a baby to me. he's so young to not have a bottle! buuut, he really wasn't wanting to lie down to drink a bottle anymore, he was more interested in playing with it or crawling away and spilling it evvvvverywhere. nothing makes me cringe more than a trail of spilled milk on the carpet. uuggghh. 

so now he's a big boy who drinks his milk out of a sippy and i am so proud that he gave up his bottle so easily, but also! his bottle! it made him a baby! and now he's like, heading off to college in a few weeks! i am not okay with it. :(

ps he never wears pants. like, ever. haha

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

summer + muscle cars

those two things go together like peanut butter + jelly. summer would not be complete without driving old cars. this particular night, hallie and mark went to get a treat, (ice cream for hallie, soda for mark) while i stayed home and put a very cranky boston to bed. when they got home, they were both all sorts of happy and i asked hallie if they went fast and she said she wasn't supposed to say. :) a beautiful summer evening it was.
 the mountain dew on the hood? we are just such claaaaaassy people. haha 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

it's all fun and games until someone gets stuck.

poor little man is always getting stuck somewhere. hallie always sighs and says, "boston's stuck again..." haha it makes me laugh, but don't worry, i always rescue him. right after i take a photo, of course. :) i mean, he is so busy and into everything, that having him stuck in one place isn't so bad. love that mischievous bos-man.

Monday, July 27, 2015

at the cabin last week

 ^^^when your grandma makes swedish pancakes and your 5 year old says, "mom, can't you make these for me at home?!?!"^^^
 ^^^partners in crime. ALWAYS.^^^
 ^^^watching the halloween toy story because it was the only kid show on the dvr, left the little girls with the big girls to run into town, found them watching the rainstorm on the porch and we died a little bit.^^^
 ^^^how boston feels about too many kisses. haha and i love seeing my children play together, even if it is at the barbie house.(mark would not approve)^^^
 ^^^just having a picnic on the front porch.^^^
 ^^^he lives for the catwalk.^^^
(notice the blankets hung in the background? it was the magical tent which cost $100 to enter. let's just say we gave them an IOU. ha)
 ^^^man cub throwing blocks. typical.^^^

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

5 photos of boston to sum up yesterday.

peaceful playtime. he loves the dwarves santa brought, but never touches the house. he would much rather have dopey drive the bus. i enjoyed this play while it lasted because later....
this happened. hallie tried to blame this one on him. while i have no doubt he was an eager participant, and even though he DOES have rather large baby muscles, i don't think he could've dragged the dollhouse out or reached the baby bunk beds on the highest shelf in the closet. it was sad and alarming how quickly hallie's room imploded.
 but then. he went back to being all precious and innocent. happy and playful. ahem, until....
well, the escalated quickly. always dramatic when he's upset. fake crying and pounding his head on the floor. 
don't worry, as always, a snack fixed everything. :)
just another day.

Monday, July 20, 2015

these two.

these two cousins who are always sooo excited to play with each, always looking out for each other, always wanting to talk on the phone after "the moms" are done talking. hallie calls navy a sister and i gave up a long time ago on correcting her. :) i have just loved watching them grow together. ♥