Wednesday, August 31, 2016

that one summer evening

^^^missing our girl shannon, sad we didn't get a photo before she left :(^^^

a few weeks ago my parents had the whole family over for a barbeque. i mean, it's always a good thing when you get a group text from your dad seeing if everyone can make it over for dinner. and obvi the answer is always YESSSSS. the food was amazing, the kids literally ran wild, going from the trampoline to the tree house to the swings. the sun went down and the lights twinkled and sitting their chatting with everyone, i kept thinking, we really need to get our kids home to bed. but i don't want to! the evening was just too perfect to leave.

and now summer's over and i'm sad but happy we at least have the memories of that one summer evening under the twinkling lights eating cami's peach pie. yeah, the memories will do until next year. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

halliegirl goes to 1st grade!

the first day of school finally (and all too soon) arrived! hallie was really excited. she was most excited that she would be able to see her cousins and play with them at break. literally, i am soooo thankful she has them, especially where we just moved and she really doesn't know ANY other kids. anyway, she had a great day! she loves her teacher and met some new friends too. it felt like a reallllly long day to me, but she didn't mind staying until 3 like she worried. 

we are getting back into routine mode and it's been really good. routine is good for me. as for boston, he is not loving this hallie going to school business. both days after we've dropped her off, he's come home and laid down by the front door and cried and tried with all his might to escape. shaking my head. he'll get used it, and see it's not THAT bad staying home with mama. :)

i'm really happy and thankful hallie's happy. i think she's gonna rock the 1st grade situation.

halliegirl goes to kindergarten

Monday, August 29, 2016

8.28.16 the last sunday of summer

yesterday was the last sunday of summer and i definitely felt it in the pit of my stomach all day. AND I'M NOT EVEN GOING TO SCHOOL. this change of seasons is always tough. i mean, i love fall and stuff but letting go of summer makes me sad and home sick and maybe miss my mom a little?? haha and she lives around the block, so there's that. :)

now hallie's at first grade, so it's just boston and me at home. he doesn't know what to do with himself, so currently he is sitting by the front door trying to figure out how to unlock the deadbolt. i'm scared.

my sisters and mom and i are going to lunch today to make us all feel better about our children being gone all day every day for the next 9 months. i think a burger and dr pepper is just what i need. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

back to school night (!!!!!)

i got to take hallie girl to back to school night! we met her teacher, (she seems like the nicest person ever!) looked at her classroom, even found out that she shares a class with one of her cousins! yay! she was sooo relieved and is so excited for school now. she's still a little skeptical of school lunch, :) but i know she'll get the hang of it. we both have so many mixed feelings about her going back to school- so sad about summer ending all those carefree afternoons and evenings going with it, but happy about getting back into a good routine and being more consistent with her studies. (because i have been TERRIBLE about it this summer. OOPS) i think 1st grade is going to be a great year for this little lady.

and after we went to yogurt factory, because HELLO, what else would we do?? :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

a weekend away.

mark grew up in the cutest little tourist town in idaho. it's only a four hour trip but we don't make it up there near as often as both of us would like. last spring we were like, we're going up to hailey this summer no.matter.what. of course that was before we bought a house and moved. the end of the summer has been creeping up on us but we both wanted to stick to our plans and choose a weekend to get up there. i say we needed this more than ever before. my sweet parents so selflessly offered to watch our kids too! it was the most pleasant surprise ever! we are both so grateful to them for it, because like i said, this summer has been insane and some time away from it all was AH-MAZING.

we had the best time, i haven't been able to stop thinking about it. i wish i had taken more photos, but then i don't because it was nice to not worry about it for once in my life. haha. BUT for documenting purposes, i did manage to snap a few! 

we drove up to alturas lake and i totally see now why mark talks so highly of this place. it was UNREAL clean, completely empty, nestled high in the idaho mountains surrounded by the most wonderful-smelling pines. mark's parents would bring their boat and six kids here multiple times every summer, mark even learned to water ski here when his just 8. EIGHT!!!! he has the best memories of summers with his family here, and i'm so happy i got to go there too. (and i can now totally understand why he's so unimpressed by utah's lake/reservoir situation, but don't tell him i said that! ha) 

awkward self timer photo haha
at first i was like, there's probably a flesh eating virus in the water, because how else can you explain a gorgeous lake like this not being insanely crowded?!? apparently that's just idaho because i got in the water pretty deep and my flesh hasn't been eaten so...

nbd, he made this sign for his eagle project and i totally made him pose next to it. hahaha

then we drove up to his family's old cabin, which is only a few miles from the lake. (!!!!) there's no running water and in the winter you have to snowmobile in. i mean, can you imagine coming here as a kid?? i literally can just picture him and all his brothers and one sister running wild through this place and i totally get why he talks so fondly of it. 
then i was one of those creepy stalkers who took a picture of demi moore's dollhouse. haha! but i mean, IT'S SOOOO PRETTY! but mark used to come trick or treating here and one time bruce willis answered the door and passed out candy. I REPEAT, BRUCE WILLIS GAVE MY HUSBAND HALLOWEEN CANDY!!!!!!!

okay, that's embarrassing. i'll be taking it down a notch.

we also managed to eat at some REALLY good local restaurants, sit in the hotel hot tub every night, take a morning hike, catch up with his old friends, drive by his old house  AND he showed me the location he first spotted his beloved firebird and black betty. (remember black betty?) basically we had a killer time and if i could relive that weekend a million times i would. there's no one i would've rather spent it with.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

last week at the cabin

we decided we definitely needed one more summer getaway to the cabin before school starts. (i don't want to talk about it, i'm in denial) so grammy came and picked us up and we allll piled into her car at eight o'clock one night. we were like, oh it will be perfect, the kids will sleep the whole way!  um, no. not one child blinked one time. okay, maybe they blinked but they most definitely did not sleep.  ANYWAY, we had a fun end of summer stay, we went swimming, went on walks and played games with my grandparents. even though it was short, i'm really happy we made it up there one last time this summer.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


///dramatic play on the balcony///
///finally loving the barn he got for his first birthday///

 ///he's finally sleeping better, yayyyyy///
///one sunday after church///

///award for best bedhead///
///pool party at grammy's///

///I'M DEAD///
///backyard view makes me happy///

///these cuties///
///seven years ago when we were all pregnant with these kids, i never imagined how fun it would be to watch them grow up together♥///

///baby indie is basically PERFECT///
///you know that clean floor feeling///

///fhe- mark taught about things to do when you don't feel happy inside///
///then root beer floats for the treat, obvi///

///when you turn your back and your two year old decides to eat of the pan///
///......or dump the marshmallow matey's so he can pick the marshmallows out///

///they don't want you to call them FUTURE rockettes, just rockettes haha///
///aunt savannah is the cutest and we all adore her///

///ask mark about how often i comment on the sunsets. read: EVERY SINGLE NIGHT but i can't help it! i ♥ sunsets!///
///walking home from church///

///these cute kids///
///i got him to sit for .5 second while i snapped this! i was proud!///