Wednesday, November 25, 2015

the day before.

hallie after her kindergarten thanksgiving feast.

it's here it's here! i love thanksgiving so much. hallie has been counting down the days for weeks. today is full of preparations: i gotta make one last trip to the grocery store, (literally gives me anxiety haha) rearrange our living room to make space for a christmas tree for friday, and prep some food so tomorrow is stress free. thumbs up for stress free food prep, amiright?? happy thanksgiving!

Monday, November 23, 2015

pre-thanksgiving festivities

since we'll be eating thanksgiving dinner with my family this year, mark's parents very generously had everyone who could make it over for a little pre-thanksgiving meal over the weekend. i'm so thankful that both of our families live close and that even when it's the off year, we still get to celebrate with them. it was a legit gorgeous day and i can't help but look at these photos and feel overwhelming gratitude for this life. ♥

Friday, November 20, 2015

a few from this week.

 ^^^he likes to tease me by taking off his hats and hallie's back in to dressing up^^^

 ^^^found a necklace and tangled it beyond recognition. awesome. and a well enjoyed moment of peace^^^

 ^^^all about buzz lately and hallie made a turkey in kindergarten she was pretty excited about^^^

 ^^^waaaaay too cold for november and little brother wasn't dealing well^^^

solid week over here. but we're pretty excited for festivities next week!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

more thankful than ever for these two.

(these were taken a few weeks back before the weather turned frigid)

this year at the top of my thankful list is being mama to these two little mischief makers. it is crazy how much they stretch and teach me, in complete opposite ways, but in the exact ways that i need. it's not always easy and none of us are perfect, but that's the thing i love. all of us make mistakes, lose our patience *me*, break stuff *boston*, cry because we want lunch RIGHT NOW *hallie*, but the next day we've all forgotten about it and love each other even more. ♥

Monday, November 16, 2015

weekend diaries

 ^^^hallie and i went to see the peanuts movie for her school fundraiser. at 10 in the morning.
hey, it's never too early for popcorn and reese's pieces??^^^
^^^when your parents make you leave the house on a cold saturday night and you're just OVER it 
and the furniture climbing never gets old to him^^^
 ^^^lovely day to walk to church^^^

weekend was good to us. boston was on his top mischief game and broke/spilled/pooped on multiple things. ha! mark and i watched our new show and ate popcorn. (brooklyn 99 on hulu! we're andy samburg fans over here) hallie was just over the moon to go to the theater and is now on a charlie brown obsession. i'm pretty okay with it. :) weekends with these three are always on point.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

in early november

 ^^^it's been in the low 30s this week when we've walked hallie to school. brrrr! but on the plus side, boston looks like that, so...^^^
 ^^^the mountains disappeared, mixing seasons^^^
 ^^^he thinks i'm funny..... sometimes^^^
 ^^^ya know when you're a fancy ballerina and have to zip up your fur coat...^^^
 ^^^sometimes he is just unimpressed with life^^^
 ^^^tea parties and stealing little brother's hat^^^
 ^^^he managed to stick a whole pre-baked cookie in his mouth, and looked guilty as sin after, but that didn't stop him from enjoying a baked one^^^
 ^^^makes me happy to see her play princesses after a hiatus and rainy days are the best days to her^^^
 ^^^i mean, i MIGHT enjoy bundling him up a little and just being paparazzi during naptime^^^
 ^^^pajama day at school and walks like this have come to an abrupt halt,^^^
 ^^^this is how we know it's time for bed and he's a pretty dang cute grocery buddy^^^
 ^^^views on our afternoon walks, may they rest in peace^^^
^^^i die a little bit.^^^

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

very first snowfall.

the first snow of the season! it was pretty exciting, i took hallie to ballet and when we went outside after, snow was falling fast and hallie couldn't have been happier. :)

 the next morning there was only a tiny bit left, but that didn't stop us breaking out the snow boots. :)

 ^^^getting a good picture of both, the struggle is still so very real^^^
 ^^^snow boots for half an inch of snow?? okay.^^^

^^^ poor boston had to sit there like a marshmallow. his snow boots are currently in the mail, so next time he'll be right there with her^^^

this honestly makes me pretty excited for winter. i'm usually not a fan, but the more years that pass, the more i'm learning to enjoy the fun things about it. my favorite winter things are baking, watching hallie (and soon boston!) play in the snow, cute cold weather accessories, staying cozy inside, eating comfort food, and watching the snow fall out my window. i think i'm gonna loooove this winter. 

first snowfall posts from past years:
here (ps can we talk about hallie's face? okay, thanks)