Monday, May 22, 2017

boston has a (non) birthday!

 because you don't take a stick away on a three year old boy's birthday. YOU JUST DON'T.

our boy is THREEEE! i can't believe it. but boy, did we have fun celebrating boston over the weekend. since he wasn't into the whole birthday thing, we tried to do his favorite, everyday things. so we went to a park with some cousins, we ate at chick-fil-a, we had cake at mark's parents', he had plenty of play time with his new star wars toys. we also got to attend our darling nephew/cousin's baby blessing. it was so fun and boston had the time of his life playing in their amazing backyard. we ended his special day by swinging at grammy and papa's house, which is basically his favorite place! i think he had a great weekend.

it definitely wasn't a traditional birthday, we didn't sing to him and if you told him happy birthday he sometimes ignored you and sometimes got really mad. :) it was a gamble to bring up the word birthday in general. even this morning, hallie said "you're three, boston!" and he shook his hand at her and said, "NO BIRTHDAY!" okayyyy.

he's a character but we couldn't love that boy any more if we tried.♥

Friday, May 19, 2017

t minus one week.

this week has been a doozy. boston had clinic testing and his iep AND his last appt of occupational therapy from the up to three program. right now he is at his last day of lil aggies and i could legit cry. (ok, maybe i already did. TWICE haha) it's been a tough week for both of us. mark's been working loooong hours and we haven't eaten dinner together once this week. :(

but we also had some really fun things. playing with cousins, a little shopping, our traditional wednesday at grammy's, we made a new sensory bin that both he and hallie loved. we got to watch adorable baby ever. and hallie's had a great second to last week of school. AND boston learned to say "good night" and it's CUUUUUTE.

even better, it's the weekend and i told mark we needed to have a nice dinner out together tonight. :)

and in other news, boston is turning three in two days and i'm not emotionally prepared for it! ha! and also, any ideas on celebrating a boy who gets mad every time you mention his birthday, doesn't like attention, and screams everytime he hears the birthday song??? we'll see how it goes. :)

Thursday, May 18, 2017

saturday activities

it sounds like a great idea to get your kids a swing set/playhouse RIGHT? yes. until you unpack the box to find approximately 15,000 pieces to assemble. haha we pulled it out of the garage on saturday to start tackling it. the first go round was crazy cold and started down pouring, so we took a nap instead. :) BUT after our nap the sun came out and we got a lot done. it's still not done yet, because of cold temps and busy evenings, but we're getting closer! our kids are dying with excitement and i am too because nothing makes me happier than watching them play together outside. 


and boston was sooo helpful while mark was working. like, one time i walked outside and boston was just casually sitting on mark's back while he worked. ah, i love them both.

but he was being adorable, i mean, who could say no to that face?!

then we decided we deserved to treat ourselves to dinner at our fav burger joint. haha rewarding yourself with food is always a good idea, yes?

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

mother's day.

mother's day this year was so good. we had a great day at church. boston did so good in sacrament meeting and when we dropped him off at nursery, he looked at me and said "BYE." haha best mother's day present ever, not having to leave him crying for me. we came home and had a yummy meal and mark and boston fell asleep to star wars and let me have a nap upstairs. then we got to visit with my wonderful mom and amazing sisters in the evening who are some of the moms i look up to most. it was such a lovely day and every time i looked into my kids' eyes, i just felt so much love and gratitude to be their mama.

i love being a mom so much. i'm definitely not perfect at it, but even more important is also knowing there are things in the mom department that i'm really good at. like no one can make my kids laugh like i can and no one can comfort them quite like me either. no one is as concerned whether they got their fruits and veggies each day as i am. haha and no one can find their shoes quite like me either. :)

this mom gig is MORE everything. more work, more smiles, more heart-bursting, more good-night kisses, more worrying, more snotty noses, (ha) more laughs, more tears, more love than i could have ever imagined.♥