Friday, April 29, 2016

what our week looked like in iphotos.

another week in the books. this one was cold and windy, but really pretty. we only got one walk in and it's been pretty hard for boston. lots of "go walk!" and then tantrums to follow because being a one year old is harrrrrd. hallie got to go on a field trip to the eccles theater. it was definitely a highlight for her. it was her first bus ride and she was just dyyyying to know what color the seats were. (they were purple and she can't get over it. ha) in other news, OUR KIDS HELD HANDS ON THEIR OWN FREE WILL. and i died a thousand times. boston has NEVER wanted to hold hands, because HELLO, he thinks he's a full grown man. we've been working on it and i'm proud to report that he's getting better! so maybe we'll survive this kid? :) this week's been good, (ahem, besides the tantrums over having to stay inside) but i'm pretty happy it's the weekend!

ps i thought it would be a good idea to post my iphone photos from the week every friday. because i have this compulsion about having all my photos in one place, but you probably coulda guessed that. :)

Thursday, April 28, 2016

blossoms and ballet

hallie had dance pictures last week and of course i couldn't help pulling over on the way home when i saw these blossoming trees to snap a few of my own. springtime blossoms for the win. also winning? overcast skies and my little girl dressed like a ballerina! ♥

letter study: ✔

hallie's class officially finished their letter study last week! they celebrated by having a letter party, and finishing their letter books they've been working on the entire school year. hallie has learned so  much and i've really been impressed with the way her teacher has taught them. she was so excited to show me her book.

i can't believe this means kindergarten will be wrapping up in the next month. i feel a little victorious for surviving my first year of having a child in school everyday, and even more victorious for how well hallie has done. she has really loved it.

she says she wants to stay in kindergarten forever. she loves her teacher and coming home at noon. sometimes at bedtime she says, "i bet the grader kids are juuuust getting out." like she thinks the big kids attend school for 12 hours. haha. we're trying to convince her that eating lunch at school is fun and the that the extra recesses will make staying a little longer worth it. :)

now i'm ready for summer.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

last day of 27.

27 was a pretty big year, (so much happened!) so i thought i better send it out with a celebration. so off we went where ever i wanted! it was as if somehow boston knew he needed to behave. he's usually pretty okay when we take him out, but this time he was on his best behavior, like he wanted to give me a special gift, the gift of having a well mannered child, if only for an evening. :) we ate a delicious dinner at the place i used to work during the summer between college years, almost TEN YEARS AGO. then we even ventured allll the way to ogden, which is sort of a big deal because i hardly ever get down there, AND they have a target and a gap, which i totally found the best deals on clothes for my kids. it was as if the shopping heavens were smiling down on me. :)

it was a really fun pre-celebration!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

t w e n t y - e i g h t

birthdays are fun! i mean, sure i still feel 21, but i'm not so worried about being 28. i'm pretty happy to be where i'm at and each year seems to get better than the last. i'm a big fan of thinking that the best is still ahead. it helps. i promise. :)

it was such a fun day! we had some pre-birthday celebrations on saturday (dinner, shopping, ya know, the stuff i live for...) then sunday was spent with my little family, going to church, then going to a special (and delicious) dinner my parents had in my honor. it was such a special day. no better way to spend a birthday than with those you love and who love you most. ♥ 

^^^i could smell lilacs all through dinner^^^
^^^obligatory birthday photos. that's all i wanted. :)^^^
^^^boston exploring the back yard. and throwing tantrums every time we tried to take him in^^^
^^^my parent's yard never gets old to these kids^^^
^^^classic hallie^^^
^^^he's good at birthdays. he got up with the kids so i could sleep in, put cinnamon rolls in the oven, and gave me an ihome so i can finally listen to music with legit speakers. he's the best.^^^
^^^my parents have the prettiest yard^^^
^^^lilacs in bloom on my birthday? doesn't get much better!^^^
^^^these are my people and i couldn't love them more^^^
^^^these cousins! missing the youngest three: august, boston and owen. few things make me as happy as watching these cousins together. they are so kind and good to each other.^^^
^^^my mom set the table in my honor, including the ceramic dog i made in the 4th grade, which she STILL displays proudly along with her most precious breakables in the cabinet we weren't allowed to open until we were 16. now that's a mother's love. :)^^^
^^^everyone brought a dessert, all my favorites. it made me so happy.^^^

 28 is gonna be a great year, i can just feel it. :)

ps at the end of the day, i was tucking hallie in bed and she said "it was your first day of being 28! and you already look bigger than yesterday." hahah GREAT.

Friday, April 22, 2016

this week's a wrap.

this week has been pretty close to perfect. the weather has been amazing and we've been on a walk everyday after school and to a park everyday before or after dinner. since we're pretty new to the area, and haven't been to most of the parks around here, we're trying to hit them all to find our favorite. you know the one that's big enough for hallie, but small enough for boston, far away enough from the parking lot since we have a wanderer, and that has enough shade. it's quite a process. :) but i've loved ending the day outside, watching my kids have fun and be active.

and now the weekend is upon us! we have some fun plans: one last picnic and park trip before the weather changes, SAD FACE, a trip to ogden for some summer essentials for our kids, and probably a movie and dessert after kids are asleep. YAY, WEEKEND!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

decisions and change and being an adult is hard.

sometimes i still get desperately homesick for our house in hyrum. it's not all the time, but every once in awhile it hits me in the gut. i'm noticing with the change of each season, i get extra nostalgic for our home because all my memories of the new season (in this case spring) are wrapped up in our old home and town.

i miss our home BEING our home. i miss the living room and big windows. i miss taking photos there. oh, how i miss taking photos there! use of my big camera has really suffered since we moved, which is sad because that's one of my favorite things. i miss my chalkboard wall and i desperately miss our wood floors. i miss knowing it was OURS.

i miss our white cabinets and the way the kitchen looked in the morning. i miss seeing boston sitting in his high chair or seeing hallie sitting up to the table eating snacks in the well lit kitchen. i miss having space and a yard and neighbors we knew. i miss our big bedroom and sitting in the comfy chair up there feeding boston or watching a show with hallie.

i miss watching hallie look out of her bedroom window and feeling like she was a million miles above the ground. i miss tucking boston away in his blue bedroom for naps, then seeing him standing there waiting for me when he woke up.

i miss the way the light came through the windows at different times of day, but especially at dusk in summer. i guess i just miss everything? and i'm an idiot because now i have one of those terribly painful lumps in the back of my throat. the kind where you wanna cry on someone's shoulder because LIFE. life keeps moving and throwing fast ones at us and there's nothing in this world anyone can do.

it's so silly to cry and be sad about something YOU DECIDED. we decided to sell our house and move. i stand by that decision, but i also wonder if i had been able to look down the road and see the future, if we would have made the same decision.

i can tell ya one thing though, i had absolutely no clue how dang hard it would be. how hard it would be STILL. all these months later and i STILL long for that little gray house where we grew up and made a million of the happiest memories. it was so far from perfect, but it was home. ♥

for memories sake and now that i'm about to cry a river, haha, here are some of my favorites:

ps after we buy another house, mark my words, we will NEVER MOVE AGAIN. :)