Friday, February 17, 2017

this week.

 ///ready to hit the grocery store///
///addressing those valentine's///

 ///my parents had us over for the cutest fhe///
///we love our cousins///

 ///such concentration!///
///nap time is life///

 ///the first outside play in a loooong time!///
///play house///

 ///picked her own outfit and looked pretty cute///
///canNOT decide what to do with this wall, long siiiiigh///

 ///i'm not sure if boston enjoys his cereal///
///he's not very expressive :)///

 ///at abc class, one of his specialists said, this is a happy kid.///
///he was right, this IS a happy kid///

 ///doing math homework while boston tries to help///
///sunsets are my jam///

Thursday, February 16, 2017

morning routines

^^^boston happy as a clam eating his apple slices and "go-go" (yogurt) for a mid morning snack^^^

the school year is more than half over, but i finally found a really good morning routine! it's actually been pretty life changing for me. ha. before, i was always struggling and rushing in the mornings after i got hallie off to school to get boston bathed, work out, shower, get the house clean, run errands all before feeding boston at noon so he could be down for is nap at 12:30.

the answer to my problem was so simple, but so hard for me to accept: WAKE UP EARLIER. BOOM. i love my sleep like no other, but waking up just 45 minutes earlier than my kids has rocked my world in the best way. i get up and sneak downstairs to work out, (NO INTERRUPTIONS!!!) then shower before they even open an eye. by the time they get up, i've had a little time to take care of myself and am so happy to greet them.

then after hallie is off to school, i have a lot more time to get the house in order, work on projects, read and play with boston more intentionally, and even have a little time on the computer for blogging and furniture searching. :)

my next goal: go to bed earlier! night owl status over here. heaven help me. haha

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

scenes from valentines day

valentines day included:

♥great harvest cinnamon rolls for breakfast
♥everyone in red
♥hallie was sooo excited for her school party
♥boston and i got to play with baby owen, he is sooo cute
♥so many treats, boston ate his weight in candy, don't worry about it
♥took a short walk to see my sister
♥a pretty sunset
♥a special dinner with all my valentines, with cupid's punch and broccoli cheese soup
♥staying in and watching netflix, which is basically my love language :)

the best part of the day, by far was when hallie took the picture of me and mark, at that exact moment boston said "dada" for the first time EVER! i was so happy, i might've cried a little bit! haha we've been working on the word "dad" for like, A YEAR and he finally said it last night! best valentine's present ever.♥♥♥

Monday, February 13, 2017

weekend highlights

highlights of the weekend:

-going to baptism preview with halliegirl. i got to speak about baptism and i can't believe my girl is going to be turning eight this year. I JUST CAN'T DEAL.

-cleaning the play room and basement, then watching the kids run wild in all that empty, clean space. maybe they won't feel the need to drag out every toy they own now that they realize how fun it is to have a clean family room? haha yeah right.

-we went to golden spike and what do ya know, we ran into my sister! they cashier said, "there's two of you..." hahaha

-mark watched a rom com with me. ♥

-i went to see la la land with my mom and two of my sisters! it was so goooood! we ate popcorn and milk duds and laughed and crushed hard on ryan gosling for the millionth time. :)

it was such a good weekend, but monday ain't too bad either.

listening to: rocket man.
♫i think it's gonna be a long long time♫

my goal this week is to not say "you too" when store workers say thanks for coming in. i did that TWICE last week. like yeah, thanks for coming to work today. IT'S EMBARRASSING AND I NEED TO STOP. :)

Friday, February 10, 2017

this week according to my iphone.

 ///i've only been pushing this baby book on him for his whole life, and HE FINALLY LIKES IT///
///she's looking so old lately///

 ///100th day of school///
///afternoon snack///
 ps i'm going to get the dining room situation put together any day now....
 ///off to another great day///
 ///decorating her 100 things hat///

 ///when boston hides, you'll never find him///
///like, EVER haha///

 ///he hasn't been taking 3 hour naps everyday any more, so when he does, i celebrate///

 ///that wake up face, though///
///making playdoh pizza///