Monday, July 21, 2014

party time!

summertime parties are just the best. this one especially was gorgeous. one of mark's brothers tied the knot a few months back in hawaii. i cried into my pillow because i was 8 months pregnant and couldn't go. :( buuut then they had a party celebration over the weekend and i smiled into my pillow because i COULD go. (okay, i didn't smile into my pillow. because that would be weird.)

the bride and groom bought all the nieces in attendance matching dresses. and hallie asked me everyday for a week straight if it was party day and if she could wear her new dress. so it was pretty exciting when the day finally came. here are some shots before we left:
 ^^^safe to say she felt downright beautiful^^^
ps yes, there are cookies on our couch. at least they're in a container? since boston's birth, my clean house standards have lowered.... like, a lot.
^^^because sometimes you have to take a picture to see if you like your outfit. please tell me you do this.^^^
 ^^^there was enough cuteness to go around^^^
 ^^^people kept asking if her curls were natural^^^
 ^^^a hawaiian flower just made her day even better^^^
 ^^^they all stood there oohing and aahhing over the wedding photos^^^
 ^^^then they spent the evening dancing in the driveway.^^^
and those hydrangeas! i almost picked some. but mark wouldn't let me. rude.
 ^^^it got dark, but let's be honest, that's when the real party starts^^^
^^^baby boston was a trooper!^^^
^^^four of the six neville siblings^^^

Friday, July 18, 2014

this is what my iphone has to say about life.

 //let me rock you, she says//
//i'm cool if he wants to get that heart tattooed on his arm one day//
//if only babies could speak//
//princess story time! that father is a trooper//
 //dad getting his boston fix for the day//
//mom getting her boston fix for the day//
 //he was ready for his close up//
//until he fell asleep mid photo shoot//
//sleeping babies in custom onesies are pretty darn good//
//as are sleeping babies swaddled in their crib//
 //mama and hallie date of eating pure sugar and ice. cool.//
//watching his big sister in awe//
//swim date!//
//and just lookin' stylish//

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

when your 8 week baby looks like he'll outgrow his bouncer any day.

ugh, this kid. this kid! none of us can really handle how cute he is. how i wish i could freeze time and keep him this age (and size!) forever. buuuut at this rate, next week he'll probably be headed off to college.... :)

he wasn't sleeping well in his bassinet, so i swallowed the lump in my throat and moved him to his crib. the nursery is ridiculously close to our room, but still! my baby is growing up and moving to the nursery! somebody hoooooold meeeeeee.

anyway, it's worth it because since we moved him to his crib, he started sleeping until 5 am, then going right back to sleep for around three more hours after his feeding. honestly, i think the bassinet was just too small and he was squished which kept waking him up.

i won't complain about the 6-7 hour stretch of sleep, but it just seems like he is growing waaaaaay too quickly. and i have this panicked feeling like, "he's not gonna stay my baby! i'm going to wake up tomorrow and he's gonna be a grown man!" seriously, he looks like he could pick up my sister's 20 month old. with one hand. and throw her over his shoulder. haha.

anyway, i know babies grow and that every stage is just so fun. but still! i wish this phase would last just a little longer.

long sigh. such is life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

practicing ballet in the front yard.

things hallie is loving right now:
♥ her princess shirt i picked up at old navy for $2 and of course you only put it with a ballerina skirt! obvi.
♥ practicing ballet in the front yard, grocery store, church halls.
♥ playing FROZEN, only i don't know every line of the movie like she does, so she has to tell me exactly what to say and let's just say if one word is missed we have to start over and it's a really long process. :)
♥ fridays. because hello, that's when the new sophia the first episodes come on!
♥ asking questions. oh the questions. heaven help me have the patience to answer her many, many (and did i mention MANY) questions.
♥ going for rides with her dad in his old car. i ask her if he drives fast and she says ", sort of."
♥ being matching with her mama! i love it. she always want to coordinate with me. this will not last, but while it does, holy cuteness!
♥ talking baby talk to her little brother. she sticks her lips out like a duck and raises her voice and the level of adorable-ness just shoots through the roof.

we sure love this girl of ours.

Monday, July 14, 2014

happy birthday mark!

birthdays are fun! even when the birthday boy doesn't like a fuss or big celebration. instead, he and hallie went for a ride in his car, we had a dinner in his honor with his favorite foods, (grilled steaks and mashed potatoes of course!) and a delicious cookies n cream ice cream cake. we finished the night off with a movie of his choice. (which was pretty nice of me because it was technically my turn to choose, you're welcome mark.) we sure like this guy.

ps even boston got in on the celebration and gave his dad a present: a smile for the first time ever! you want to see him smile? you're gonna have to work for it. he doesn't give them out freely!

Friday, July 11, 2014

looking concerned, screaming, giant baby. that is all.

judging by his facial expressions, boston is very concerned about life in general most of the time.
he also just screams his head off when his sister holds him.

and she just laughs. should i be worried about that??

ps is it just me, or does he look like a giant baby when hallie holds him?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

life lately according to my iphone

 //just a cute girl eating her favorite snack//
//boston has quite the eyebrow movement goin' on//
 //fourth of july baby//
//ready for the parade!//
 //on boston's blessing day//
//just playing with elsa while watching frozen on a hot summer day//
 //four siblings on a couch. we could've fit the other two, no doubt//
//dress up time!//
//mark asked why our baby looked like a thug//
//fireworks with halliegirl//

i'm thankful for my iphone because it lets me capture these tiny moments. like, it would be tragic if i forgot hallie's dress up phase and boston's eyebrow raises. i used to be really good at using my phone to take pictures when my big camera wasn't nearby, but then i started slacking. so here i go! i'm trying to use it a lot more because these little snippets of life are sort of my favorite. check out the label (iphone) and watch for more life lately posts!