Friday, August 18, 2017

epic week of summa

this week has been so good. we hit the pool, took the firebird for a drive, blasted dashboard and the killers, got dollar shakes at dixie grill, went out to lunch to celebrate good news, set up new beds for both kids, went to a summer barbeque at my parents', boston FINALLY graduated from his crib. :)

the best news: mark tested into a math class he needs in order to graduate! i am so dang proud of that guy. he basically skipped two whole math classes after studying for like, four days and the last time he was in math was literally TEN YEARS AGO. i'm so so happy for him! exciting things happening!

i can't believe we're down to one last week of summer. ahh. SO MANY FEELINGS. as much as i hate to admit it though, everyone around this house could use a little more structure and routine after a summer of late bedtimes and a free for all schedule. i'm still holding on to this last week though. aaaand we have one last family adventure this weekend that i'm really looking forward to!

the last day in barcelona.

on the last day of our dream trip, we visited a cathedral and the gothic quarters in downtown barcelona, which is the oldest part of the city. this had all the scenery i imagined during all those months of excitement before our trip. we stopped at a pastry shop, obvi, and i had an AMAZING ham and cheese croissant.

then we walked through a big park right in the middle of the city and finally tried some horchata. i loved it.

after some downtime at the hotel, my mom and sisters and i headed out for one last spanish meal. we randomly chose a restaurant haha but it turned out to be delicious. and of course we had to make one last pastry stop at a cute little bakery, i tried a pina colada smoothie too. which was more like juice because these people REALLY don't believe in ice. ha

we sat out on the sidewalk at a little cafe table and ate our treats while the sun was getting low, and boy, was that moment everything. i hope i never forget that last night in spain. it was so wonderful.

on the walk home, we took in one last spanish sunset. i can't tell you how happy i am that i went. that i got to see this part of the world that i'd heard about all my life, the place where my dad adventured to when he was just a 19 year old kid who made a good decision. i can't tell you what the memories made with my family mean to me. thanks to my parents and mark for holding down the fort at home, i had the trip of a lifetime.

on another note: i am absolutely sick about what happened at the ramblas yesterday. sick on so many levels: because i was just there and it could have easily been us, sick because while we were walking those sidewalks i saw so many cute families and happy couples and smiling friends out exploring the world. sick because WHY and HOW could someone set out to hurt complete strangers??

it hurts and it scares me so much. hallie heard me talking to my sister about it on the phone and asked what we were talking about, so i told her the best way i knew how, but she was so upset. this is a girl who will literally cry after she sees other kids being mean to each other. something like this is so far beyond her comprehension. she was in tears and said to me "but what if there was a mom there? like you? and what if her kids never see her again?" CRYING.

this world is so beyond scary and it makes me wonder how we're going to be ok with sending our children out in it? how can i ever take my kids to see the world if this is what the world is? i don't have answers. but i wish someone did.