Friday, June 23, 2017

this is my family.

we ventured into the mountains for family photos this week. i passed my camera off to maddy and she blew us away with her skills. i mean, she even danced and yelled out a bunch of star wars names to get boston to smile. haha she is the best.

i love these photos and they mean everything to me. because these past few months have been crazy hard, and yet so, so happy too. i'm really glad we will have photos that were taken right in the thick of it. right while we were going through really difficult stuff, because i will probably look back at them and yes, they might bring back hard memories, but even more than that i think they will remind me that we were still HAPPY. we were still us and we still had everything. ♥

and to be filed under questions that will keep me awake all night:
why didn't i make hallie take off that DANG ANKLE BRACELET that she's been wearing for like, two years straight?? that will haunt me for the rest of time. haha

Thursday, June 22, 2017


when you see a field of poppies on the side of the road, you make your husband stop the car so you can hop out and take pictures of them, don't you?! poppies are the epitome of june for me. wild and carefree and beautiful and a little all over the place.

and they both end way too soon.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

a saturday in june

 giving little brother a boost, i love them and their cute little sibling love they got going.

on saturday we went to a small car show at lee's in north logan. it was perfect weather to be outside, not too hot with a few clouds in the sky for some coverage from the sun every now and then. mark and his dad looked at cars while the kids played in the bouncy house. can we just talk about how fun those things are for kids?!? hallie and boston both go crazy over those things and even better when they're at a small-ish event that isn't completely over run with crowds.

anyway, they played and jumped forevvver. and we checked out all the other fun activities they had for kids, too. after all that fun, we were all hungry so we went to a&w. BEST ROOT BEER IN THE HISTORY OF EVER. we just really love that place, okay? the fries, burgers and root beer ice cream cones are what summer dreams are made of. :) this was one of my favorite summer days so far.

Monday, June 19, 2017

celebrating dads.

we heart dads big time around here. like, boston won't even let me help him do anything if his dad is around. (insert eye roll haha) there is no one better at light saber sounds, playing minecraft with hallie, or saying YES! he is the best at saying yes. the other day he was writing an email and boston came up and gave him a light saber to fight with, and i was about to say, "boston, dad's busy, he can play later." but before i could, mark grabbed the light saber and started playing with him. i will always love him for the little times that he shows me over and over how much he loves our kids. basically i couldn't have chosen a better guy to raise kids with.♥

all the dads in our life are just amazing.  ♥♥♥