Friday, December 19, 2014

christmas prayers

she might be a little excited.
hallie's bedtime prayers have become christmas themed. it causes mark and me to exchange a lot of those parent-y glances. the ones that seem to say "our daughter! she is the cutest and you are the only one who understands how dang adorable she is." :) you know those parent glances.

last night her prayer went like this:

please bless all the kids can be on the nice list
please bless we can have rolls for christmas dinner
thankful we can have breakfast with grammy on christmas eve
please bless we can have christmas all year
please bless we can have snow
please bless all the kids can get presents
thankful for the elves who help santa and baby jesus
in the name of christmas jesus, amen.

haha i love 5 year olds. :)

ps i think this is the best christmas season of my whole life. there, i said it.

bostonboy in b&w

we're not sure if we should be happy or feel bad for him, having a sister who loves him soooo much. :) the huuuuugs he puts up with. poor kid.

nothing new here, just obsessed with my baby and obssessed with photographing him and obsessed with changing said photos into black and white. onesies or pajamas or big sisters hugging him preferable.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

the day before.

the day before hallie's fifth birthday, she kept exclaiming, "this is the last day i'm four!"

i have found that i really enjoy the day before her birthday because she is so dang happy and excited and all around adorable. :) these special days are what makes being a mother everything.

these were taken the day before hallie's 4th birthday. she's changed and got older, but is still the same enthusiastic, expressive little darling.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

christmas in the city

mark's parents got tickets to the mormon tabernacle christmas concert and so graciously gave them to us to use. since the sesame street muppets were making an appearance, it was the perfect opportunity to take hallie on a little pre-birthday date. we left bostonboy with my mother and headed to the big city. (but not before i made mark stop at gap. :)

it was a lovely night and really got us in the christmas spirit. hallie laughed so loud and thought cookie monster was the funniest thing evvvvver. the children dancers were the cutest and hallie thought they were the everything. i loved having a little time with hallie, but she was the first to say, "i sure missed boston! we better get home to him." love that girl so much.

Monday, December 15, 2014

halliegirl turns 5!

on friday our firstborn turned 5 years old! we had a pretty perfect day including ballons, cupcakes, lunch with sisters and mom, frozen games, playing with cousins, presents (obvi), homemade pizza, bowling, a darling baby brother. :)

she kept saying, "i can't believe i'm 5!"

^^^just mark and his mini me^^^

the past five years have been the best of my life. hallie has brought an abundance of joy and happiness into my life and i am soooo thankful to have her for my beloved daughter. ♥

ps i very nearly didn't blog about this birthday, so much to do this week so little time, but then i looked at the birthday tab over there -----> and i'm so thankful i have a record of all our birthday celebrations, however simple they may be. i will treasure them always.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014


the truth is, my house is not always clean. my children are not always dressed cute, or even wearing pants.

some days i have it together but a lot of days i don't.

this scene happened one night while i was making dinner, i turned my back for a few minutes to chop vegetables and stir some soup and when i turned back, BOOM! POW! EXPLODE! i decided to take a picture instead of getting mad. we cleaned it up together after dinner and it was all a-okay.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

halliegirl gets a tree

last year i reeeeeeally wanted to buy a white christmas tree for our living room. mark said no because he thought i would only like it for one year. he was right, i'm over them. (my husband is so dang wise and right about 90 percent of the time... it's annoying.)  buuuuut i'm really happy we got this little white tree for hallie's room!

growing up, we always had our own mini tree in our room and it always went a long way in the christmas warm fuzzies department. i love going to check on hallie before i go to bed: the lights glow softly and she is always hugging multiple christmas dolls. it melts me like a snowman.