Tuesday, October 25, 2016

fall break according to my iphone

 ///on our way to lunch///
///always pointing at a plane or truck, typical boy///

 ///that morning face in the afternoon///
///heading to the pumpkin walk!///

ps the bucket is her stuffed animals' carseat. she even has a ribbon for the seat belt. i love her.

 ///pumpkin walk with beloved cousins///

 ///she makes a pretty convincing cinderella///
///cutest pumpkin displays///

 ///always a ball (or two) in hand///
///when the stuffed animal carseats got a little out of control...///

 ///our tree GLOWS at sunset///
///grilled steaks and baked potatoes for sunday dinner///

///drive at sunset///

fall break was gooood! 

Monday, October 24, 2016

monday feelings.


today is the monday after fall break and i have a lot of feelings. haha

i'm happy because we had a really good break. we did one fun thing each day and i think hallie enjoyed it and i KNOW i enjoyed having her home. plus not having to see the lunchbox for four whole days was a vacation in itself.

i'm also a little emo (is emo still a thing or no? haha IT IS TO ME because early 2000s forever!) because. i don't know. everything. my kids are growing up and another year is passing and i feel a little like i'm desperate for a pause button. because hallie was a dream over the break and boston learned how to say boo! i mean, those are good reasons to be emo, right??

enough about my emo-ness, today i am making halloween costumes. hallie has a first grade program tomorrow that she gets to wear her costume to, then wednesday alllll the parties start. i'm sure i'll keep up with my tradition of wanting to BURN all costumes by november 1st. haha.

ANNND i just started my christmas 2016 excel spreadsheet, so, AWESOME. haha CEO of christmas right here. i've been panicking a little because i BARELY started my list after i realized this morning (at 5 am) that thanksgiving is ONE month from today, and i like to have most of my kids' shopping done before thanksgiving. so i GOTTA GET IT INTO GEAR.

today is a good monday.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

boston + sheriff woody

boston's caught the toy story bug! i'll admit, i wasn't sad when he finally started watching something other than mickey. it's on to toy story 2! i'm happy because i really do love that movie. haha and i just think boston and that woody doll basically couldn't be a cuter duo. aaaand of course it reminds me of those toddler days with hallie during her toy story phase. it lasted a good while, but still ended too soon. so i'm just over here soaking up boston and his love for buzz and woody. and we're pretty sure he loves jesse too, because he brings us the dvd case and points at her over and over. i get it, jesse's pretty cute. :)

as rough as some days can be, i really love toddlers.

Monday, October 17, 2016

weekend diaries

 we had to use last year's costume because hello, halloween is still two weeks away and it wouldn't be halloween if i didn't procrastinate getting my kid's costumes together.

this weekend we hit the school fundraiser. as soon as we got there clouds rolled in and it got windy and cold. and then there was the girl who got stuck at the top of the bouncy slide and the boy who threw a tantrum because he had to wait in line. haha it was a fiasco if i ever saw one. we didn't last long, but we made our contribution to hallie's school, then got pizza, so it was a win. :)

saturday we stayed home and cleaned a little bit and relaxed a lot and it was just what we all needed. mark and i started stranger things and whoa! we might've got sucked in and blew through the first four episodes. oops. we also grilled pork chops and whipped up some no bake peanut butter cheesecake. so, thumbs up for that.

the big news of the weekend: boston stayed in sacrament meeting THE ENTIRE TIME!!! first time in his entire life to make it through a whole meeting. and we topped it off with a long afternoon nap and a nice sunday evening visiting family at my parent's house, then driving around the block in very blustery weather to our comfy, cozy home. i loved it. ♥

Friday, October 14, 2016

finding fall + our week in photos

this week while the kids were playing in the backyard we found fall allll over our yard. i loooove it.

i'll be honest, this week couldn't end soon enough. boston had his six month evaluation to track his progress and make new goals for the next six months. it's exhausting for him and emotionally taxing for me. SO MANY APPOINTMENTS. so much wanting to control things that i'll never be able to. so many feelings brought to the surface about this whole thing.

long siiiiiigh.

it was a busy one, but i'm so happy it's friday and the only thing i have on the agenda is cleaning the playroom, (YIKES) naptime, and hallie's school halloween fundraiser tonight with the fam. i have the whole weekend ahead with my family!

it's going to be a good one.