Friday, December 9, 2016

early december happenings.

 ///boston is still deciding how he feels about snow///
///little bear boy///

 ///sometimes at sunset our house turns purple///
///i don't think i'll ever get tired of the sunsets in this house///

 ///she was a beaut///
///homework with this cutie///

 ///bundling up for the village///
///i love it when he sits close///

 ///looking extra festive///
///insisted on the santa hat too///

 ///binky and blanks in hand, headed down to watch mickey christmas///
///after naps///

 ///making pompoms in pjs, wild life i lead///
///fires in the evenings///

 ///all i wanted was a photo of boston in front of the tree///
///this is as good as i'm gonna get///

 ///BOYS, long sigh :)///
///i've only taking like a million tree photos haha///

 ///i love these cozy nights///
///i just really love our fireplace, okay?!///

 ///i know she's almost 7 in this photo, but when i look at her, all i see is my newborn baby///
///she wasn't feeling well at school, but then was suddenly fine when we got home???///

///safe to say she's healed haha///

Thursday, December 8, 2016

a night at the village.

for family night this week we bundled up and headed to brigham city's small and charming village. mark was teasing me because i made our kids put sweatpants over their regular pants, BUT THEY WERE WARM! it was their first time at the brigham village and we all loved it. hallie especially. she kept wanting to go back and look at each one again. it was pretty cute. even boston was more interested than we expected. i recognized a lot of the same scenes from when i was a little girl, which sorta felt like full circle.:) we got to see santa, which brought on very different reactions from each child, :) but was fun nonetheless. it was 20 degrees and my hands were numb, but no matter what, mark wouldn't admit that it was cold. that boy.

the next day every one came down with colds. bummer.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

polar express night

one night at 6:37 pm we heard a loud hoooonk outside our house!
who could it be?!? oh, just the polar express (aka my parents in a semi truck) coming to pick us up for one of the most exciting nights of season! hallie had been wondering and WONDERING if the polar express would be coming this year and she told me if i said there was a surprise, she would know it was the polar express, so i chose my words very carefully and she was COMPLETELY surprised. i really wish i would've caught her reaction on video because it was PERFECT.

it was boston's very first time riding in a semi and he was in awe. i went along this year, as i wasn't sure if boston would go if i wasn't there and it was so fun and brought back so many memories of going for rides in my dad's trucks. i guess you could say i loved it as much as the kids. :)

once we got to our destination, the north pole (aka my dad's shop) we climbed in a trailer and listened to the polar express and ate treats and opened the first gift of christmas, pjs for all the kids. the cutest pjs, like i save them for a special night because they are so dang cute.

theeen, we had a christmas dance party. polar express night was a raging success.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

decking the halls 2016

this year we tried something new and pulled out all our christmas stuff the day before thanksgiving. at first, it felt a little like cheating, i'm not gonna lie. but every time i felt like a big ol' cheater, :) i thought of last year, the day after thanksgiving was stressful and crazy and overwhelming and i definitely cried at one point. haha 

this year, it was not stressful OR overwhelming. i had nothing else all day except to get it done, (just the upstairs, i did the basement a few days later) and on thanksgiving our house was clean and festive and that made me really happy!

but nothing could make me happier than seeing my children SOOO excited to see all the christmas stuff. hallie was just DYING to get her christmas dolls and books out. it was a really fun day, and sooo much work. :) but so worth it. in case i haven't said it, this time of year RULES all those other times of year. :)

come back for the traditional christmas around the house post! in a couple weeks!