about me

hello, lovelies! i always find these "about me" shpills a liiiiiittle awkward.

i'll do my best to keep the awkwardness to a minimum.

so, i'm just a girl. a girl who likes to write and take pictures and share her words and pictures with YOU!

this is me:

the name's annika. like, think of anakin skywalker, then just drop the last 'n'. got it? ps and also, since my husband is a star wars fanatic, don't think i haven't heard every joke in the book. :)

speaking of my handsome husband, let me give you a liiiiittle background.

we met at college. we were freshmen (aw, how cute.) we met in class, went on a date, and when he found out my dad had a collection of fast cars, he basically fell in love with me. i'm kidding. i think.

we dated for 2 years. our dating years were filled with bowling, pizza, and movies. it was sorta perfect.:)  after we spent our second christmas apart (i went home during every school break.) we decided we couldn't spend anymore holidays or days in general like that. we married that summer and never looked back. except i'm totally looking back right now, but only to fill you in.:)
this is where i tell you that our married life was sorta difficult for the first year. i know, right? welcome to the club. :)

a while after we finally found marital bliss, we received this news. yep, a little bundle of joy was on her way.

halliegirl was born in december of 2009. and while parenting sometimes makes us want to slowly gouge our eyeballs out, there is nothing we love more than our precious little girl. she is our world.
 oh, nothing. just birthed a human. nbd. i'm swollen and in copious amounts of pain, but whatevs.

so after hallie was born, everything was perfect. except. there is always that pesky little except, huh?

let me back up.

soon after mark and i got married, i realized i wasn't happy with my schooling experience. i wasn't happy with my major, my efforts, my grades, any of it. so in order to not waste tons of money and time pursuing something i didn't actually want, i quit school. (insert sad face) there were actually many more reasons than i can explain on this awkward "about me" page, they are far too complicated.

so after my precious little bundle was born, like an idiot, i decided to go back to school. still deciding if that was the stupidest or smartest decision i ever made.

i started online classes when hallie was just five months old. four months later i started attending 2-3 classes on campus each semester while mark and both our moms took turns with the babe. i also took 2-3 online classes each semester in order to finish in a timely manner.

it was hard. i cried and missed my baby a lot. in fact sometimes i still cry when i think about leaving that tiny 9 month old. :(

BUT, more importantly, it was wonderful. because i finally found what i was looking for. i majored in journalism with an emphasis on print. i minored in sociology. and never received less than an A in any of my major or minor classes. it felt good because i cared. in ways i didn't my first go at university studies. i tried really hard and got really good results. which is just a lovely thing.

so now that i realize this about me page is turning into a novel, (totally wanna write one of those one day!) i will cut to the chase. i graduated with my bachelor degree in may of 2012. since then i have been suzy homemaker. oh, except i'm a terrible homemaker.

oh, hey, just attending my own graduation party. i'm sort of a big deal.:)

while i try not to take staying home with hallie for granted, sometimes it's hard. sometimes it's easy.

something that i've found makes it easier though, is having this outlet. this is my space where i get to be in control and have things go my way, even when i can't make my toddler take a nap,(just go to sleeeeeep!) or when she wipes chocolate on my white shirt, or scribbles all over the furniture, or when i just want to hide in the corner and cry. (which i do anyways from time to time.:)

this is just my happy place.

did this "about me" page tell you anything about me?? no?

okay. also, i love mexican food and peanut butter.(ahem, but not together. that would be weird.) i love to read. music makes me oh so happy. i'm a closeted poetry-writer. i wear entirely too many polka dots. i live in skinny jeans and flats. i'm terrified of rodents. just typing that word made me shudder. i dabble in photography and graphic design. i have a soft spot for black and white photos.i have too many hobbies. sometimes i get ridiculously obsessed with tv shows. (veronica mars, anyone??)  i overuse emoticons. i like to use internet slang. nbd, obvi, lol. it's so terrible, it's wonderful. i tend to ramble a lot. sometimes i'm completely neurotic. i can be a tiny bit dramatic. but only a tiny bit, so don't worry.;) also, i don't take myself too seriously and like to poke fun at myself from time to time. :)

aaaaaand that was more information than you ever wanted to know. long sigh.